Exchange Presents not Germs this Season

Christmas Presents
Christmas Presents

It is the season for gift giving. Everywhere you go one can see  Christmas decorations and hear Christmas carols being played on the sound systems in the mall. The kids are looking forward to receiving presents and wishing that Santa would bring them their coveted Lego toys, Nerf Guns,  Sophia the First doll house and other toys which would fill up the base of the Christmas tree.

It certainly is wonderful to see the the kids eyes light up when they receive what their heart desire. They have been patiently waiting all year round for this season to come with the hope that they will be able to lay their hands on the “special” item which they have wished for during the yearly gift exchange.

All around me I see billboards and posters advertising items which are on sale and suggestions on what to get your love ones this Gift Giving season. There are lots of toys fairs and Christmas fairs on at the moment at various shopping centers.

With the kids on holidays the number of people going out shopping has certainly increased and this has also increase the chance of them picking up an infection when out shopping with us. Dengue fever and influenza are still prevalent and I wouldn’t want the kids to fall ill this holidays.

Lifebuoy Color Changing Soap
Lifebuoy Color Changing Soap

To prevent the kids from falling ill here are some steps that we take.

1. The kids are to wash their hands with antibacterial soap upon entering the house.

2. They are to take a bath and change out of their clothes before doing any other activities.

3. Their toys are  sanitized /disinfected on a regular basis  with a wipe down with disinfecting wipes.

4. Soft toys and bedding are run through the hot wash in the washing machine.


How do you keep germs at bay this season?


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