Protecting your kids from “Back to School” Germs

Doggie boy doing his homework

Doggie boy doing his homework

It’s the start of term 3 and the kids are back in school. The school holidays have ended and it is time to hit the books again. Having been away from the classroom, it is now time to be together with friends and classmates and resume learning.

The kids are looking forward to school and being with the friends but I’m not looking forward to them coming home sick after catching a bug in school.

I seriously hope that they don’t return from school with  HFMD,  colds or coughs. If one of the siblings fall ill there will be a high chance that the other two may catch the virus too. It is very easy to pass the germs from one to another as they sleep in the same room and within no time the whole household maybe down with the illness too. This is something which I really hope doesn’t happen to us.


Monkey boy taking a drink

Monkey boy taking a drink

To prevent the kids from catching the bugs from school here is a list of things which I do with the kids.

  1. I ensure that they wash their hands  with anti bacterial  soap regularly. 

    They are sent to the bathroom to wash their hands with soap for at least 10 seconds once they step into the house. We even have a song to sing along to while washing our hands to make hand washing even more enjoyable for the kids.

  2. We have a routine to follow at home once the kids come back from school.

    The routine gives the kids sufficient time to rest, play and have fun and complete all homework that has been given to them by their teachers. With proper planing they have enough time to do their work and have fun at home.

  3. I insist on the kids being properly hydrated.

    The weather has been really hot and humid lately. They are given a lot of water to drink when they are at home and bring their water bottles out and to school. They too do need the required six to eight cups of water daily.
  4. The kids go out for outdoor fun weekly.

    I do believe that the kids should have their time out running and playing in the sun. It is the best way for them to get some exercise and vitamin D.
Tiger girl having fun in the field

Tiger girl having fun in the field

Doing all these helps me ensure that the kids stay healthy and prevent them from failing ill easily. Since the start of the year they haven’t been home sick because they have caught bugs while being in school.

What do you do to protect your kids from “Back to School ” Germs?

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