Loogie the Booger Genie- A Very Nasty Cold by N.E. Castle

The book cover

The book cover

Loogie the Booger Genie, A Very Nasty Cold by N.E. Castle is the 2nd book in the series about Loogie the Booger Genie.

In 14 chapters in the book we travel on an adventure with Charlie who has a genie who’s bottle was stuck in his nose. Loofie was a prince who had been imprisoned as a genie in a bottle by a wizard.  To be freed from this curse he has to do good deeds and accumulate sufficient good deeds to be released from the curse.

In this installment  Charlie comes down with a cold and it affects Loogie as he comes down with a cold too. Being a genie he could not take cold medicine like Charlie did for his cold to get better. Charlie goes all out to try to make Loogie feel better. He even makes a wish for the wizard Hendrick , who put the prince under such a curse, to appear so that he could brew up a concoction to make Loogie feel better.

Unfortunately this leads to a series of misheard wishes on the part of Loogie resulting in many magical creatures being invited from the magical world over to their world creating a bit of chaos which Charlie struggled to fix.

My thoughts

My 9yr old and I read the book and both of us loved it. I found it very entertaining and I couldn’t put down the book till I finished reading the whole book. It is certainly a storybook which I would recommend for kids to read.

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