Joy Worthy- A Mother’s Guide to More Joy, less stress and no guilt

Joy Worthy Book Cover

Joy Worthy Book Cover

Joy-Worthy: A Mother’s Guide To More Joy, Less Stress, And No Guilt by Julie McGrath is a book which the author shares her insights into her Joy’s as a mother. In the 11 chapters of the book Julie goes through  the following

– The changes in your life when the kids arrive

– warning signals of stress

– what it means to be a resilient mother

– Mommy guilt

– Losing your identity

– toxic situations

– Reclaiming yourself

-Goals and dreams

At the end of each chapter there is a checklist where you can write down your own reflection on how you feel about certain issues.  The entries are in journal format and meant for you to reflect on where you are in life at the current moment.

There are quotations sprinkled in each chapter to give one a positive booster in working their way to a more joyful life.

One of the quotes that I read which started of the chapter on Losing yourself to the family really resonated to me.

“And while it’s part of human kindness to want to please others, nothing is gained if we lose
ourselves in the process.”
—W. Timothy Gallwey, The Inner Game of Stress

My thoughts


I feel that it is extremely important to take care of your own self even though you have become a mom. I can resonate with Julie on many levels as I too had my fair share of experience mom guilt and having stressful moments as a mom. It takes a consciousness effort to seek Joy in the things around you and take action to live the life that you want to live.

I agree if mom is not happy neither will the kids or anyone else at home be happy too. Everyone needs some down time and time to pursue their own passions to keep positive and motivated. Only when you know what you want out of live then you can live it to the fullest and enrich the lives of those in your family.

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