Parenting with Less Stress- An Update on Doggie Boy

Doggie boy with Ah Ma

Doggie boy with Ah Ma


It’s the June holidays and we are currently half way through the  month long vacations. The kids are enjoying themselves with  outings and play dates.  Studying has taken a back seat to play this month.

As the kids soak in the sun and have a blast this Summer here is an update on how Doggie boy has progressed so far using the  5-Part learning method.

For the recent Semester One examinations Doggie boy achieved the following results.

English- 76.3/100

Chinese- 63.1/100

Mathematics -85/100

His results are  not as impressive as Monkey boy but it was certain a great achievement on his part.  He has managed to maintain his grades even though the school work this year is more difficult then last year as he is in Primary 2 now.

(If you are wondering ,and I know that you are,  here are Monkey boy’s results for SA1)

English- 88/100

Chinese- 80/100

Mathematics- 95/100

Science – 91/100

Using the 5 part learning method Doggie boy was able to retain more information for each subject which was tested in the exams.  I guess that it will take quite a while and lots more effort on both his and my part to get him used to this new way of learning.

He needs to learn things in chunks and there has to be breaks in between for him to stretch and move around.

It is normal for kids to need to move around  while learning. They are not robots and cannot be expected to sit still and absorb. This is especially the case for Doggie boy as he a very textile person.

Breaking up learning into bit’s and pieces and constant revision has helped him in the understanding of the subject matter.  I will continue using this method and tweak it further to assist him in his learning journey.




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