Chinese New Year Lunch Spread

 Chinese New Year Lunch Spread

Our lunch spread

Last week we celebrated Chinese New Year. Based on our family tradition on the 1st Day of Chinese New Year we would all gather at our grandmother’s house for lunch. This year everyone gathered at grandma’s new apartment.  She recently moved into this place and it had been newly renovated before the Chinese New Year.

Everyone brought along their own dishes and we had lunch pot luck style. There was sushi, otak otak,  Kueh Pie Ti, Chicken Curry, Beef Stew and Fried Noodles besides the regular CNY tidbits.  No guessing to what was the “hottest” dish among all the food that we had for lunch that day.

 Chinese New Year Lunch Spread

Sushi platter

The platter was half empty within an hour. Luckily we arrived for lunch early so we could have the 1st pick of the sushi that we would like to eat.

What did you have to eat during Chinese New Year?

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  1. Vegetarian sushi is a big hit in our family, two of my kids have their own equipment supplies etc. We thought we would go to a vegetarian restaurant run my Buddhist nuns, but when we arrived found out it had changed owners and had become a Vietnamese noodle shop. Luckily they did have some spring rolls and other veggie dishes and were able to accommodate our tastes :) HAPPY Black Water Serpent NEW YEAR!

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