10 Tiny Things that Brought me Joy Yesterday

The kids and Angry Bird Space Figurines

The kids and Angry Bird Space Figurines

There are many tiny things that happen daily which bring me JOY.


Here is a list of ten in no particular order.

  1. Snapping a picture of the kids with their favourite Angry Bird Space exhibit at the airport.
  2. Not having to do laundry for a day ( Sunday is NO LAUNDRY DAY!!)
  3. Getting a haircut.
  4. Getting to watch a new episode of Vampire Diaries Season 4.
  5. Watching the final episode of City Hunter with R which he had downloaded onto his iPad.
  6. Eating chocolate.
  7. R cooking dinner for the family.
  8. Getting chauffeured around the whole day ( No driving!!)
  9. Spending time reading a book.
  10. Having time to play with my Romeo(DSLR).

What brings you JOY?


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