Two Weeks of Creative Fun- Making a Subway

the materials

Doggie boy has  always been crazy about trains and had wanted to make a subway train. I gathered up the materials that we had in the house on hand and let him have free reign in the construction of it. In the end we didn’t use all the materials that we took out.

Doggie boy decided to use the following

  • Cardbox board
  • Scissors and scotch tape
  • Black construction paper
  • Drawing paper
  • Blue note cards
  • Markers
  • Silver ribbon

the process


It took him about 30 minutes  and he was very satisfied with the outcome.

Doggie boy and his train

Now he has his own  subway train to play with.

Next up we will be having Karen from Simply Little Kids of Mine



Karen’s becoming a SAHM mum in weeks time, she plans to homeschool both her 3 year old and 16 mth old kids. She will be sharing and sourcing ideas on homeschooling while embarking on this new journey.





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