Astronaut Adventures by AdoraPet’s

Front Cover of the Book

Astronaut Adventure is one of the book in eight book the AdoraPets Children Book series by YiShuan Yang I was privileged to review. I read the book with Doggie boy and Monkey Boy and they both enjoyed it.

The book is simple enough for my four year old  to read along to with minimal assistance. The boy love the vivid pictures of the solar system and the illustrations of the main characters- Prima and Pico.

I found the book not only a good read but extremely informative as it gave details about each different plant and the whole solar system as a comparative. There are also leading questions at the start of each book as prompts to what the book is focusing on. Ie: ” What do Astronauts travel in” and ” What rotates around the earth?”

Having this prompt allow the adult to guide the child reading the book and helps to create interest in the content of the book as the child would be curious to find out the answers to the questions.

Besides this book we also read through the books on Visit to the Dentist and Firefighter Adventure which the boys too enjoyed reading.

Back of the Book

Disclaimer: I received  a copy of the books for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.