Aloha~ Ocean Park Fun


The 1st place we visited

We are back from Hong Kong. It was  fun but tiring 10 days for the family. We managed to meet up with friends and relatives and the kids had great fun during their day out at Ocean Park.

Queing up for the Ferris Wheel ride
The view from the ferries wheel
The boys playing a water shooting game.
The yet to be completed roller coaster as viewed from the cable car.
The Panda House
The great Panda
The kids and me

My questions this week

1) What do you pack along when you go on a day outing with the kids?
2) Which is the best theme park you have been to so far?

14 thoughts on “Aloha~ Ocean Park Fun”

  1. Hi there, those rides look so adventurous. I couldn’t do it, but I bet the kids loved it.
    1) I pack snacks, water must for T, she loves water. Fruit if I am really good, and definitely sunscreen. Oh, and I always have in my purse barrettes, pony tail holders, and a comb.
    2) The best one that is also the very cheapest is Happy Hollow Zoo, then Disney World, these are pretty nice too: Raging Waters, Great America.

  2. Our kids are older (10-18) so I don’t really have to pack much for them now. If we were going on an outing to a theme park I would be sure to take a camera and sunscreen.

  3. Ohhhh! That looks like an AMAZING place to go!!

    I usually pack lots of snacks and drinks for everyone, and of course my camera…and a hair scrunchy in case it’s hot if I don’t already have my hair in a pony tail. 🙂

    I haven’t been to many amusement parks aside from Disneyland, Disney World and Cedar Point – they’re all my top three. 🙂

    Have a great weekend, Dominique! 🙂

  4. I have a bag premade for outings. All i have to do is toss in snacks and drinks and if anything is empty replace it. but i take wipes, meds depending on what season it is, extra outfit for each, sunscreen, hairbrush and bow for my daughter, etc.

  5. When away for a day with the kids, I pack sun lotion, snacks, water bottles, extra clothing, music to keep us happy in the car, and other items vary depending on the location. That park looks like it was amazing! My favorite theme park is Walt Disney World in Florida. *sigh* – should be there right now with hubby. The parks there are a class act. Been to countless others that never compare in friendly workers, cleanliness, first aid ability, and beyond.

  6. I love Disney world in florida that is my favorite place to be.
    I pack suntan lotion and use to pack snacks, however now the place will not let us bring them in.

  7. I pack everything but the kitchen sink… I am one of those moms that packs just in case!! The best park I went to was Disney World when I was 20 : )

  8. Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida has to be the best one I ever went to with a close tie with Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. When I had kids I always took an extra set of clothes.

  9. Such beautiful photos! Glad you enjoyed the time with the children even though the trip was tiring.

    On a day out, I take wipes, hand sanitizers, water, snacks, books, change of clothes and a camera! I’m sure my hobo holds more 🙂

    I’ve not yet been to a theme park.


  10. Such awesome pictures! Glad you had fun! My boys are older now but I still pack wipes,tissues, hand sanitizer, tylenol ,pepto bismo and water
    Best Amusement Park : Disneyland in California/ Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio

  11. 1. one backpack bag with snack, water, diapers, wet tissue and clothes for change.
    2. so far… ocean park for me; disneyland park for my no. 1:).

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