Transportation Fun in Hong Kong

The boys were so thrilled to go to Hong Kong. During the trip they got to try out all the various modes of transportation that is available. It was a nice change from traveling in the car.

The double decker tram found on HK Island
The boys on the upper deck of the tram
The Peak Tram
The light rail found at NT in Hong Kong



Picture by Flickr

We also traveled on the MTR but didn’t really get to take a picture on it.

Nathan Road

Picture by Flickr

We also took the public bus and taxi. The public bus was our main mode of transport around Hong Kong to get from where we were staying to the shopping areas.

How do you normally travel around?

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  1. First time here and I have to say it’s so fun seeing another country! And your boys are so cute. Looks like they’re having a lot of fun. How do I travel? I’m close enough to work that I can walk. But I live about 40 miles from the nearest town so I have to drive my car to civilization… Enjoy all your T traveling:)

  2. Transportation is something we all need no matter what we use! I loved this post! I drive a Kia Optima car. But if I could have a horse or a terrific bike I would get around the warmer seasons like that! My hubby and three college kids use the public transportation, bus system. I drive my youngest to high school and his dad to the bus. Great post! Anne

    1. @Anne,
      I’ve personally haven’t tried bike before but it would be fun. We normally take the car here as it’s difficult bringing all the kids out alone here in Singapore.

  3. When I went to HK (company trip) about 5-6 years back, we tried all sorts of transportation there, except the yellow small buses you normally see in the TVB shows 😛 I love HK! Can’t wait to go there again! (but now, gotta wait since Spicy Baby is due anytime!)

  4. Your boys are so good-looking! They look like they are having so much fun! I know they would love one way that I travel–by golf cart! All kids want to drive a golf cart!!

  5. Terrific Transportation! How fun for your boys to be able to experience all those modes of transportation! I know that I would love to do that too :o) What a fun question too…hm…When I was young and we were stationed in the Philippines, I was able to ride a “Jeepney”, a motorized tricycle…All of us have ridden on subways, metro lines, double decker buses, horse and buggy, golf carts :o), bicycles, buses, motorcycles, boats, cars, boats, planes… That would have been neat to have a photo riding each of those.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Thank you so much for visiting and for your kind comment of our baby photos and the art that I do.

  6. the kids look like they’re having loads of fun.
    I drive a car to work, 10 minutes away. I don’t usually travel too far from home!

  7. Hong Kong is absolutely my favorite place on earth for public transport. Whenever I had guests there, I’d be sure to take them on ALL of these. You forgot my favorite, though: the Star Ferry! In Manila I get around mostly by car.

    1. We didn’t get around to try the star ferry this time. We took the boys on it a few years back. was really fun. The last ferry we took was in Penang this June where the whole car could go aboard together with the passengers inside. The kids really enjoyed that.

  8. Your boys are so adorable. And does anything endear itself more to a little boys heart then things with wheels?

    This whole post was terrific.

    Thanks for the smile

    And thank you for linking.


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