The Many Adventures of Pengey Penguin

The Many Adventures of Pengey Penguin by John Burn is an interesting novel about a penguin who was orphaned shortly after birth. He had to grow up fast and learn the art of survival after both his mother and father didn’t return after going out fishing. With the knowledge that he got from his father as an infant he managed to survive  and got to know a human named Wendy.

Through his interaction with Wendy they got to know that Pengey actually knew how to talk in English to them. However his encounter with Wendy was short-lived as she had to go off to Rio de Janerio.  Pengey managed to stow away in the landing gear of the plane and reunites with Wendy.

Unknown to Pengey being on the plane with Wendy was only the start of his adventures across the globe to be reunited with Wendy in New York. With the help of Rufus and Lionel,  who he got to know at the animal centre at Rio de Janerio, they ran away from the wicked animal trainer and scientist who wanted to exploit Pengey for his ability to talk to humans.

I loved reading the book and am sure that my 7 yr old too would enjoy it. John Burns description of  how the animals traveled from Rio de Janerio all the way to New York on their own.  The team of a parrot, penguin and puffin work together and help one another through the perils that they had to endure during their adventures.

Pengey exhibits the qualities of bravery, creativity, loyalty, kindness and rose up to meet the various challenges that came his way. He shows exemplary leadership qualities which young kids could learn and emulate.   These are the qualities which I hope that my kids will be able to develop in time to come.

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