In a Submarine under the Sea

The submarine

The submarine

Have you ever thought about traveling in a submarine? It was a really cool experience for Tiger girl and me when we got to travel in one during our recent trip to Jeju island, Korea.  We went on the Seogwipo Submarine (서귀포잠수함)  and it was really interesting experience.

The island which went to board the submarine

The place which went to board the submarine

We had to take a ferry boat out to from Seogwipo Port to  Munseom  where we boarded the submarine to begin our tour.

The submarine was not really that big but it could fit about 30+ passengers inside. There were port holes on both sides of the submarine so we could look out and see everything that was around us.

The port hole which we looked out from

The port hole which we looked out from

The water was quite murky and it wasn’t a really clear day as it has been raining the whole day. However we still managed to see the fishes and corals outside the window.


The control panel within the submarine.

The control panel within the submarine.

The submarine started to descend slowly  once the doors were all sealed and we could see the depth which we were at from the display panel on the top of the driver’s area.  It wasn’t scary and Tiger girl was thrilled to see that the submarine was moving and we were descending into the depths of the ocean.


The diver

The diver

While descending there was a diver show as part of our submarine tour.. He came around during the first stop that the submarine had to bring the fishes which swam outside the port hole.


The fishes which the diver brought past the port hole

The fishes which the diver brought past the port hole

The fishes were not as colourful as those that we saw in the aquarium last month. However it was fascinating to see so many fishes swimming pass suddenly.

the corals

the corals

As we descended way into the depths of the ocean we managed to see some corals up close.  It looks really different from the corals we saw at the aquarium. It wasn’t as vibrant and there were lesser varieties of corals to be seen.

Have you traveled in a submarine before?

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Kidzania and other Friday Memes

Last Friday the boys were given a treat. We brought them to Kidzania in Seoul. I have been hearing about this place from friends who went to the newly opened branch in KL, Malaysia and wanted to let the boys try it out. It works out cheaper to bring them to the branch in Korea then Malaysia after the various exchange rates. The only drawback was that everything was in Korean and the boys will not understand the instructions given to them as many of the instructors there would not be able to speak in English. However I felt that language shouldn’t be much of a barrier for them as they could still follow by observing what the other kids were doing and go along with it.
Kidzania entrance

The entrance tickets were in the form of boarding passes for Korean Airline.  They had to “check-in” like the way we check in when we board an aeroplane.


The first occupation which the boys tried out- Aeroplane pilots. They had to wait about 1/2 hr before it was their turn to enter the cockpit. There were limited number of slots per session and this was one of the popular  profession which the kids there wanted to try out. There was a steady queue for the sessions and the boys patiently waited for their turn at the waiting benches.

Tiger girl-Kidzania

We rented a stroller for Tiger girl so she could sit/sleep in while waiting for her brothers  to try out the various professions. She was getting restless by midday so R took charge of the boys while I took her shopping.

Ice Cream treat

Monkey boy opted to work at Baskin Robbins. They were to mix and make their own ice-cream using the tools and ingredients given. He had fun making the ice-cream and more fun eating it.

Donut making

Monkey boy also tried out the process line at Dunkin Donuts. He decorated his own  Donut to look like a teddy bear. It looks too cute to be eaten.

my little policemen

The boys also tried out being Policemen for the day. They were taken to the police station and given a briefing before being sent out on patrol of the streets at Kidzania.


The boys also learned how to put out  a fire and get to travel around in a fire engine.  They really had a lot of fun last Friday and asked to go to Kidzania again if they have a chance. Kidzania will be built in  Singapore in 2014 so it will be a long time before they can visit the place on home soil. We may take them to the branch in Japan  next year if our holiday plans for Japan materialize next year.

 Do they have a place like this where you live?

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