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Writer’s Workshop: Personal Learning for February



February has been a month of deep reflection for me.  I have been doing a lot of reading on positive teaching approaches and soul searching on how to build a closer relationship with friends and family.

I’ve read the books – Thinking Anew: Harnessing the Power of Belief and the book The ART of Having it ALL which focuses on changing a person’s mindset in order to achieve his goals.

The mind is certainly the most beautiful and powerful tool that we posses. If we are able to think about it, it can be achieved.

Even though  discipline and diligence plays a part in moving from conceptualizing an idea till actually attaining it,  without the vision one would never even have anything developed.

It is possible to have the life that I desire and I should continue working hard towards my chosen direction.

The book on Cybertraps for Educators was a refreshing read for me.  It  reaffirmed the need for me to educate the kids about the perils of technology.  Growing up in the digital age they are not spared from the possibility of being a victim to cyber bullying  or getting their reputation tarnished through screwing up while using the different social media outlets.

What I have learned 

Communication breakdown sometimes can leave one devastated. Getting one’s point across to the other person can be painfully difficult especially if either or both party has a mental block or biases against each other.

Alternative approaches need to be taken if the issue is to be worked on and get resolved instead of letting it slide and snowballing into a even greater problem.

Bottling up one’s feeling thoughts is not something that should be advocated as it is a breeding ground for uncertainty may lead to a degeneration of TRUST.   It’s still  best to lay all the cards that you have on hand out  and get to the root of any problem that you are facing to ensure that it is solved.

Holding back ones worries and not entrusting everything to GOD is really a very silly thing to do. Only he is the one who can help see you through the darkest day and lead you to the light.

Prayer is certainly very powerful and if you do listen carefully the answer that you are seeking will be there.

Monkey boy  recently lost his house keys and I nearly had to replace the lock and make a whole new set of keys for the whole family.

We prayed that the key would be found and be returned to him so that we did not need to get the lock replaced.

GOD was certainly watching over him as he managed to get it back the next day. The key was picked up by someone and handed over to the  Lost and Found counter in school.

That is the  power of PRAYER!!!

What have you learned in February?
Jenny Matlock

Mama’s Losin’ It

Writer’s Workshop: Only You


R and me in Taiwan on Valentines' Day

R and me in Taiwan on Valentines’ Day

4 months  and 16 days ~ That’s the  number of days to our 14th Wedding Anniversary.  R is 7 years my senior  and I have known him since I was an 18 yr old in University.

You can say that I have known him half my life and  it seems like we have been together forever.

I knew from the start that  I wanted you to be mine. Even though it seemed  rather strange  to others at that time coming from one who was barely eighteen.

You can say that we were  meant for each other and never had once I doubted that decision of mine and have been sticking by it ever since.

Even though you may or may not realize I’m still madly in love with you. I feel like a blushing teenager.

The thought of being able to spend time with you now that you are working overseas really  thrills me. To be in the same space and making joined memories which we will be able to relate to our kids and grandkids are experiences which I really cherish.

The way you hold my hand in yours, the warmth of your embrace gives me the peace and security that I seek.

It’s in the way that you hug and  kiss me goodnight that makes me have a peaceful night.

I love the way that you make the kids and my eyes light up each time you walk in through the main door.

The laughter you create when you play with our kids, the fun and joy. The exuberance that you have and dedication to the family makes me blush with pride.

Even though it really hurts when we have to part again after being together for a week or so I do appreciate the time that we get to spend together.

Love you always.

Having you around  our  home is complete.


Jenny Matlock

Mama’s Losin’ It