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R and me in Taiwan on Valentines' Day
R and me in Taiwan on Valentines’ Day

4 months  and 16 days ~ That’s the  number of days to our 14th Wedding Anniversary.  R is 7 years my senior  and I have known him since I was an 18 yr old in University.

You can say that I have known him half my life and  it seems like we have been together forever.

I knew from the start that  I wanted you to be mine. Even though it seemed  rather strange  to others at that time coming from one who was barely eighteen.

You can say that we were  meant for each other and never had once I doubted that decision of mine and have been sticking by it ever since.

Even though you may or may not realize I’m still madly in love with you. I feel like a blushing teenager.

The thought of being able to spend time with you now that you are working overseas really  thrills me. To be in the same space and making joined memories which we will be able to relate to our kids and grandkids are experiences which I really cherish.

The way you hold my hand in yours, the warmth of your embrace gives me the peace and security that I seek.

It’s in the way that you hug and  kiss me goodnight that makes me have a peaceful night.

I love the way that you make the kids and my eyes light up each time you walk in through the main door.

The laughter you create when you play with our kids, the fun and joy. The exuberance that you have and dedication to the family makes me blush with pride.

Even though it really hurts when we have to part again after being together for a week or so I do appreciate the time that we get to spend together.

Love you always.

Having you around  our  home is complete.


Jenny Matlock

Mama’s Losin’ It

19 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Only You”

  1. 🙂 It’s a nice post, Dominique. And a nice February Valentine’s Day letter for Hubby.
    Your picture looks soooo nice, you were a lovely couple.
    p.s. Mrs. Jim and I had our 42d anniversary This week, Feb 24.

  2. Oh man Dominique, I never knew this about your relationship. You really are mushy at heart! This is lovely, truly…and I’m sure your husband is a better man because he knows how much he’s loved and respected. I’ll be married 20 years this summer and I still love my man too. Even though he makes me pull my hair out pretty much every week 🙂

  3. That is such a touching love note to your hubby. You look so beautiful together and I do hope you get to spend more time together… It cannot be easy. Happy Anniversary! 🙂

  4. A lovely love story. I enjoy hearing about marriages that are sticking together like glue during the tough times as well as the good. You write so beautifully and I enjoyed this tribute to your love, or as my sweet little niece Andrea said about her hubby, they are newlyweds, “my lovey dovey”! Your words here makes one see how the two of you were meant to be. I am glad you held your ground and won the heart of this wonderful man. He sounds like a true jewel. Have a blessed marriage and enjoy many more years together and have a wonderful week. Time flies by so quickly. Hugs, Anne

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