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Bedside Drama Princess

I have a wish. A wish for at least 4-5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I’m asking the sandman to sprinkle an extra heavy dose of sand on you so that you can sleep longer each night.  I’m not asking much.. just at least one hour more of sleep instead of waking up 2 hourly  to nurse.

I can feel you tossing and turning in your cot before you  start sounding your ” milk call”. My greatest nightmare would be to see you starring back at me with your eyes open. It would signal that you are totally awake and a torturous task to lull you back to bed.

Every night it’s the same.. nurse the baby and put her back in her bed. I’m trying my best not to let the baby sleep on my bed as she really takes up lots of space. The worst thing is that she likes to toss and turn and can do the 360 degrees spin like her brothers.

I will have to change her to a full size bed soon as she seems to be outgrowing her cot at a really rapid rate.

I can’t wait for this sleeper to “graduate” and move out of our room.

The Sleeping Princess

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A List for All Students

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Students nowadays behave differently from the time we were kids.  They are not as well disciplined and are really more difficult to handle then in the past.

In my 10 years + as a teacher I have seen and taught many different batches of students. I’ve seen how some that attitudes that they have toward their work and school have changed over the years.

Students now want things instantly and are very impatient. They are also less willing to work for what they desire.  It can be very frustrating teaching them the virtues of hard work and delayed gratification.

Coming from the angle of a parent and a teacher here is a list which I feel all students/ kids should know.

The List

  1. I  am not your maid. If you spill something or dirtied the place go and get a mop or cloth and clean up after yourself.
  2. Pay attention and really  listen first to what I have to say before interrupting me with your 101 questions.
  3. Be courteous and respectful. Everyone relates well to a child with good manners.
  4. Do take ownership of your actions. You and you alone have to bear the consequences  if you make any bad choices. Don’t expect your parents(or me)  to bail you out each time your err.
  5. Do not expect everything to be served to you on a silver platter. It isn’t . If you don’t know anything ask and take the initiative to find out. Google it!!
  6. If it doesn’t work the first time don’t give up. Reflect and see how the problem can be solved. Not everyone gets it right the first time around. Even us teachers/parents do fail  at our first attempt sometimes.
  7. Take note and jot down important dates/information and homework. Don’t expect me to chase after you for stuff you forget to do or hand in. I know you don’t like it and trust me I don’t like it either!

What would your list for your kids/
students be like?

Mama’s Losin’ It Jenny Matlock

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