The Art of Having it All

The Art of Having it All- Christy Whitman
The Art of Having it All- Christy Whitman

THE ART OF HAVING IT ALL: A Woman’s Guide To Unlimited Abundance by Christy Whitman is a book  that Christy wrote  based on her personal experience.

Through the seven chapters in the book Christy guides one through defining what it means to have it all on a personal basis to manifesting it out until you achieve it.

It’s all in your mind.   If you dare to dream it you will be able to conceptualize it and make it come true.  One has just to work on your idea and it is possible for it to become a reality.

To be able to move from the drawing board to creating a blueprint to work, on one must have a clear idea of where she is currently in life and the place she would like to be at.  Self reflection is necessary to be able to know what we truly want in our life.

By mediating on where we are currently in life we get to understand ourselves better and know what we actually need vs what we want.

We re calibrate ourselves to accept  changes and open ourselves up to more possibilities which are obtainable.


 My Thoughts

I found Christy’s book a refreshing read. It  made me reflect on where I personally am currently in my life and whether I am heading in the direction which I want to and whether I do HAVE IT ALL.

It is possible to have it all and also be at peace with oneself. We need to know exactly what we want so we can achieve it.

Do pick up a copy of  THE ART OF HAVING IT ALL: A Woman’s Guide To Unlimited Abundance by Christy Whitman if you are seeking to HAVE IT ALL.


Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are 100% mine.  This post has affiliate links.

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  1. I wish someone will also send me a book for review, I will definitely love that. So anyway, the book seem awesome and one will really learn a lot. I am a believer of discerning and planning what we want for our future. I also believe that if you can think it, you can do it.

  2. Having it all means differently for each person. I hope this book could help everyone in general, like specifics steps to making plans and acting upon these plans using ways that are doable.

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