Writer’s Workshop: Surely a Challenge- That’s LIFE!!

Poster on Life
Poster on Life

Life is never a bed of roses. There are ups and down and different seasons which one goes through.  You never know what is coming at you when you go around a bend.

Moments of  triumphant and happiness or agony and despair.  One may experience these feelings on multiple occasions, but, alas for the individual  they  last a mere few minutes or days before they are committed into memory.  Etched into our personal  history to be  recalled at a later date.

Every time when you feel that you manage to get on top of the game life throws you another curve ball and it knocks the stability off the platform that you are on.

The schedule/plan that you have painstakingly  put together is no longer feasible and once again you see yourself racing against the clock to  realign everything so that you can have some sense of normalcy.

You hate the uncertainty that is brought about with the change and are at crossroads as how to proceed.

It can be exasperating at times  when everything seems to be falling apart.  You feel that you are grasping for breathe clinging to a sinking ship  with no lifebuoy in sight.

It is during moments like this that one wishes for a miracle to appear.  A moment of clarity or a mechanic who can fix the problem that you have at hand.

Resolutions for 2015
Resolutions for 2015


2015 has started with many challenges for me.

Solo parenting

bridging the gap for the kids in their education

– weight loss and healthy cooking

– Seeking a closer walk with GOD

– Strengthening my marriage in a long distance relationship.

I can say it hasn’t been easy facing up to these challenges of mine. The burden has overbearing at times and I have had my weak moments where I really wanted to give up.  I have been slicing it really thin with all my current resources.

Every ounce of energy seem to have been drained out of my body  and with no refill in sight. All the activities that I have lined up to complete on a daily basis has really sapped the life out of me  on several occasions.

It’s more of a mental then physical exhaustion that I face on a daily basis coping with the hectic schedule  which involve taking care of the house and  360%  customized education for the kids.

Being judge and referee,  multi-tasking while watching the clock to ensure that everyone gets thing done on time.  There is only one of me and I have to be split into four at times to be able to give adequate attention to everyone.

Even though I’m far from completing the challenges that have been given to me I’m certainly not going to throw in the towel.   I believe that all the hard work will certainly pay off. I just have continue to be disciplined and put my best foot forward.

I believe in never giving up even though the odds maybe stacked against me at the moment.  Challenges are to be faced head on and that’s the way I’m charging.

How do you deal with challenges?



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17 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Surely a Challenge- That’s LIFE!!”

  1. Hi Dominique ~~ I knew you were winging it alone for a bit while Hubby was TDY. But you will do it, you are a task oriented person and won’t have much of anything not going towards your plan. And staying close with God helps too. We don’t always know his ways, they aren’t necessarily ours, nor his time line.
    🙂 And I know that you write things down. That ‘large print’ typewriter is good for making refrigerator notes, I have one also [ http://bp1.blogger.com/_aOZEGRAw2Q8/R75fcBX5LmI/AAAAAAAABVE/-MX3QduZM1w/s800-h/DSC00150.JPG ].

    1. @Jim
      thanks for stopping by this week and for your vote of confidence. It’s true we don’t know GODs way and only based on his timeline will all be revealed.

  2. I’ve been through situations like that in my life and I’ve always found that going back to the complete essentials and getting those under control first is helpful. As your time and energy improve, add in different things that you would like to do but aren’t actually essential.

    Just a little advice from and old lady who has been there and done that!

  3. Hello, stopping in from the Thursday Blog Hop. You certainly do have many challenges in your life. One thing that works for me is to discover what gives you energy- mentally and spiritually as well as physically . I often find energy in spending a few quiet moments with a book I love, absorbing new ideas or being inspired. I get cranky if I don’t get a little alone time. Whatever it is for you, try to find a little time to refuel your own energy tank.

    1. @Michele,
      thanks for stopping by this week. Reading does help me and I’ve found that the best energy booster for me is going for Zumba classes so I’ve up the number of classes I go to each week.

  4. To say your year has been filled with challenges is an understatement. And it’s only March! Bless your heart, don’t forget that it’s okay to ask for help. And that it’s okay to say no. And that it’s okay to give in and feel sorry for yourself every once in awhile. Hang in there!

  5. You are such an organized person and such an amazing lady! You have taken on so many challenges. Somehow I know you will come out of it all stronger. It seems to be in your nature. I am a prayerful person so I turn my heart to the Lord. I have had many difficulties in my life and somehow have come out on top! Life is hard, my mother would say to me, pray harder. I also like to walk, be alone, even for ten minutes if I need to clear my head and gain control of my emotions again!

    I truly enjoy reading your blog. Have a beautiful weekend and take care.

  6. i think you are doing an amazing job even though i don’t know you personally. just by reading your posts, i have learned so many things already from your experiences. keep up the good work!

  7. You hit the nail on the head – life is full of ups and downs. When it is down, it has nowhere else to go but up again. Trust in His plan for you and in your strength. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with feeling hopeless once in a while. It just gives us another push to get going as long as we don’t give up. Thank you for linking up to Thursday Favorite Things and we hope to see you again next week!

  8. I can feel those sentiments, I also feel this sometimes in LiFE. Then I realize that it is okey to simply choose in saying “No” and “Yes” to what we know in our heart that’s right.

  9. Definitely agree. Writing is like life. There are obstacles and challenges. Good thing there are workshops/experiences that can teach us a lesson or two.

  10. We have the same thoughts when it comes to life and challenges! Just keep going, every effort and work we put into whatever we do, we’re getting closer to our goals!

  11. Those are some major challenges. I think it helps to identify what they are and then build that confidence that you know you can do it! And at the end, you will be stronger for it. 🙂

  12. I accept challenge as part of my life. I think that’s what help me go through challenges in life. I also avoid over planning our lives. I keep my faith in God that everything will be okay.

  13. I’m sort of floundering in my own challenges right now, so it was so nice to read your inspiring faith and determination. The beauty of writing and this love/hate internet is that we can all keep on going TOGETHER. Thank you for linking up at #MeetUpMonday with thequinntessentialmommy.com (and me, but I missed it this week since I’m a mess haha)!

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