Writer’s Workshop: You never Guessed

Tiger girl smiling
Tiger girl smiling

Blanket – Checked!!

Moo-Moo (Her favourite soft toy) – Checked!!

” Good Night Mummy” she said happily as she made her way  over to the boys room where they had laid out an extra bed for their little sister.

I thought that I had it good and she  was now ready to sleep in a separate room. I had been waiting for this day anxiously.

I couldn’t wait to reclaim  my bedroom. It has been eleven long years since I had a peaceful night’s sleep.  I needed my  uninterrupted sleep back in order to retain my sanity.

It all went well.  Or so I thought

1 hour, 2 hours

3 hours.

I see a pint size shadow gingerly opening my bedroom door and creeping in.

Operation Sleepover = FAILED.


 How has it been for you getting your kid/

kids to sleep independently?


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15 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: You never Guessed”

  1. It’s so hard, the sleeping! Mine are older now and we don’t have sleep issues, but there were years of up-down-up-down every night. Then, those nights stop all at once. Stay strong, Mama!

  2. My 6 year old creeps into my bed about 2am every single night. He went one week without creeping into my bed and that was awesome! I don’t do well with little sleep so I just let him stay in my bed at that time because the only way I got my middle child out of my bed was to keep putting him back in his own bed, over and over. No talking. I just hope one day they outgrow it and I remind myself maybe I will miss this one day 😉

  3. What a sweet picture ! My son slept in his own room as soon as I came out of the hospital when he was 5 days old. It depends on the parents.

  4. Oh no! hehe My dad had a no-sleepover rule but mom always caved in and we would end up in the sofa bed. I never thought how disruptive to their sleep I probably was. Didn’t last long though. I hope you get some proper rest soon.

  5. My kids slept in their own bedroom 4 months old, they get used to the routine and been sleeping in their own rooms. When it comes to bedtime- it just so easy for me. Your daughter is so adorable!

  6. My kids were both good sleepers. My son slept in his own room from the day we brought him home from the hospital. My daughter slept in first a bassinet and then a crib in our room, but we moved her out when she was about 5 months old. I’m glad I never had to go through trying to get them into their own rooms and beds! Good luck to you!

    1. @Dyanne,
      thanks. It had been easier for the boys as they had each other to share the room. I guess that girls are more sticky. She does have her own bed but in our room will see if it’s possible to shift her out by the time she is 5 to her own room.

  7. Oh, what a cute little face! My kids for the most part slept in their own beds except for the occasional bad dream or feverish night. But those nights were the worst because kids are the most restless sleepers ever! I’d wake up with a foot in my face all the time.

  8. Hmm. I slept in my parents’ room even when I was already an adult. GASP! My mother was overprotective. She can’t sleep well even if my bedroom is just beside their room. #onlychildsyndrome It was quite odd because I was away for eight years when I was studying (high school to college).

  9. I don’t have children, but when I was growing up, all three kids had their own rooms. I do remember crawling into my parent’s bed after a nightmare. {:-D

  10. She looks so adorable and is growing up so fast! My youngest brother has a girl too who is so talkative and thoughtful. And whenever I talk to her, my stress instantly disappears!

  11. We are co-sleeping eversince our son was born. He used to sleep between me and Daddy. But last year, we decided to buy him a single bed but still attached to our bed. He’s now sleeping on his own in preparation for him to sleep independently. I also told him that when he’s 7, he will have his own room and I can see he is excited about it. For now, he will still sleep inside our room, on his own bed. This is way I feel secure 🙂

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