Writer’s Workshop: You never Guessed

Tiger girl smiling

Tiger girl smiling

Blanket – Checked!!

Moo-Moo (Her favourite soft toy) – Checked!!

” Good Night Mummy” she said happily as she made her way  over to the boys room where they had laid out an extra bed for their little sister.

I thought that I had it good and she  was now ready to sleep in a separate room. I had been waiting for this day anxiously.

I couldn’t wait to reclaim  my bedroom. It has been eleven long years since I had a peaceful night’s sleep.  I needed my  uninterrupted sleep back in order to retain my sanity.

It all went well.  Or so I thought

1 hour, 2 hours

3 hours.

I see a pint size shadow gingerly opening my bedroom door and creeping in.

Operation Sleepover = FAILED.


 How has it been for you getting your kid/

kids to sleep independently?


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