Writer’s Workshop: U Never Would have Guessed It

Picture by Photoxpress.com

Picture by Photoxpress.com

Fire and me have never been good friends.  I have always had this phobia of this medium of heat and light since young. I’m not sure when it started or if I actually got too close to a flame once that brought this fear on. It’s all hazy when I try to recall what brought along this phobia. I guess it is just one of the things that you have a nagging fear of or a sickly feeling about it which never seems to go away.

Given the chance to light a torch or use a torchlight I would certainly choose the torchlight without hesitation.  I would rather fiddle with putting batteries in a torchlight then to strike a match to start a fire. I remember how I hated the practical biology and chemistry lesson especially when it required lighting up a Bunsen burner to carry out the experiment.

My lab partner and the other fellow classmates only take a few matches to get the Bunsen burner flame going. Back then I easily use up a whole box of matches trying my best to light the flame. If I was doing pair work I would certainly try my best to get my partner to tackle the flame while I handle the other parts of the experiment.

Seeing the flicker of the flame at the end of the matchstick sends shivers down my spine. It still haunts me but not as bad as before.  It is something which I have learned to overcome over since I decided to enter the kitchen to cook for the family. With repeated exposure the fear starts to lessen a bit. Day by day I grew braver and now am unfazed  when ask to use matches to light candles on a  birthday cake.  Nowadays I deal with fire almost on a daily basis as I have to cook for the family.

What is one of your fears?

Have you faced it yet?

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