Writer’s Workshop: My Love, Hello

Love Quote
Love Quote



That’s how far you are away from me.

It’s not that near nor that far.

5hrs by Aeroplane is what it takes for me to travel  over to be with you.   8 hrs if you include travelling and waiting time at the airport.

Living apart on different islands.

Two of us in different cities due to our work and family commitments.

Working hard to be together  and pushing through the daily grinds of life.

Doing our best and giving our all.

Appreciating each other for who we are.

Individuals  joined together through the sacrament of marriage.

Different but yet the having the same ideals and dreams.

Bonded in LOVE.

Striving  towards our common goal a step at a time.

Trudging on even though we may be physically or mentally exhausted.

Both of us on this  life long journey  since we entered the institution of marriage 14 years ago.

A journey that has seen ups and downs.

Tears of joy and sadness.

Births and Deaths.

Euphoria and heartbreaks.

It isn’t easy   for me every time we have to part.

Dealing with the longing and  physical separation only makes my heart ache even more.

Counting down till we next meet

Jenny Matlock

Mama’s Losin’ It

30 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: My Love, Hello”

  1. Oh Golly, Dominique, that is hard, I know. Can you sleep good alone?
    I sure don’t when Mrs. Jim and I are apart, even for a weekend and the like.

  2. Your beautiful words are sorrowful and happy and poignant. You have a beautiful hand at writing. Thank yoiu for sharing such a private thought with all. I wish you more love and more time to be together. Enjoy a beautiful weekend. Come visit me soon, if you may. Blessings, Anne

  3. What gorgeous words. It is hard when we have to do some things just to live but that makes the heart even grow stronger.

    Came over from Mama Kat writer’s workshop.

  4. My parents were 14,320 km, or a 24 hour plane ride, away from each other for 5 years of their marriage. They saw each other only once a year during Christmas. I truly believe that the time apart made their marriage stronger and they just celebrated 34 years together last month. Contrary to what people may think, you are actually setting a very good example for your children. I learned from my parents that distance, no matter how far, can never come between them.

  5. I understand this pain. Before we married, my husband and I spent 3 years apart, and we spend each week away from each other – although it’s only an hour and a half…and I could easily be with him at night if I choose. It’s just too much, though. It’s difficult for people to understand how difficult these days are.

    bless you and your love.

  6. This is so bittersweet. It’s not easy so far away from loved ones and I can imagine the longing. I do hope you see each other soon. 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day!

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