Writer’s Workshop: Vying For the Prize

Trees framing a pathway

Trees framing a pathway

It is official  I’m on a race.  Tick-Tock  the count down has started and every second I get near and nearer the dateline. There is no way of backing out and I need to keep the pace.

365 days is the time frame that I have been given to reach the target.  The stakes have been upped and there is now a really attractive prize to look forward to if I manage to reach the goal which was set.

October 7th 10.23pm

That was the date and time the challenge was accepted and declared. It has been inked in cyberspace (Via a Facebook Status)  and there is no turning back. Life style and personal routine changes have been made and I’m counting on GOD as my pillar of strength to help me make it through this challenge.

Actually this goal has been on my list for the longest time.  I had worked at it and failed before however this time I’m really going to make it work.  There is no room for procrastinating and giving excuses.  I have been lax for too long and I certainly wasn’t being fair to myself.

I deserve better and I know that I am fully capable to work towards achieving this goal.

Achieving it would certainly make me feel happy. I  will be able to finally cross it off my ” to achieve ” list.   I can imagine me looking more radiant then before and in much better shape.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Autumn leaves, soaking in the romantic sunsets and tasting Sake. To be travelling with my own personal guide sans kids and getting to eat all my favourite foods.

Enjoying nature in it’s finest and trying and visiting the places that I have always wanted to go to. A fully sponsored trip to Japan which I have the liberty to set my own itinerary.

Now I just have to lose the 10 kg to be able to claim the prize.

What are you vying for?

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