Writer’s Workshop: Hello GOAL where are you?

A Purple Bloom
A Purple Bloom


On certain days it really feels that the day would have been better if I remained in bed instead of waking up. Nothing seems to be going as envisioned.  Everything seems to be moving at a snail’s pace instead of the regular pace that I have been used to.

Each time when I think that I have things under control life throws me a curve ball and messes up the meticulous planning that I had done.

It stresses me out and I can feel every muscle in my body tense up as I rack my brain on how to solve the problem that had suddenly surfaced.

Things that I thought I was crystal clear about has turned murky and grey.  The rainbow  which I have seen shining across the blue sky has all but disappeared into oblivion.

It has been quiet. All TOO quiet as our economy has yet to pick up speed.  The forecast for this year seems worst then last year and I’m quite certain that I may not be able to meet some of the targets which I have set at the beginning of the year.

The Kindergarten that Tiger girl is currently attending will be closing it’s doors at the end of the year and I have to find another place for her to continue her studies.

We have to redo our monthly budget and re-shuffle the existing schedules to ensure that everything fits in nicely.

The wish to further my studies has to be temporarily shelved.  There isn’t budget for a Masters in Childhood Psychology and I don’t think I will be able to carve out the time needed to study the course at the moment  with the current busy schedule.

The planned trip to New Zealand would have to wait.  The investment in professional camera gear would have to be delayed.  We have to be more prudent in our expenditure and make sure that every penny is well spent.

It’s extremely difficult to factor in all these luxuries  due to the uncertainties in our economic situation in the present moment.

There is a more urgent need to set aside cash for rainy days and increasing expenditure by the kids.

My weight has stagnated once again. It’s really exasperating as I haven’t seen any movement in the scale in the past six month.

We have been eating more healthily and cutting down eating out.

I know my weakness lies in being motivate to exercise regularly and really be more discipline in my diet.

I need to really put my weight loss woes to GOD and trust that he will help me achieve that goal.

Even though things are not going my  way my outlook isn’t bleak. I’m still pressing forward and edging toward these goals which I have set earlier.

I believe that I will be able to achieve all that I set out  to achieve although it may take longer then expected.

 Have you ever felt that life was getting in

the way of a big goal?

Did you end up giving up or pressing forward?

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28 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Hello GOAL where are you?”

  1. Let’s leave all things in God’s hands! My plans for heading back to work and putting my Natalie in a childcare near my office is stressing everyone in the family (including myself) Things just don’t go as planned:( and i am feeling so ”stuck” now.

  2. I do! I fell like I been trying so hard lately seems like everything is not working it stresses me out. Its seems like my plan is just a planned for now, No action taken so far and yet we are planning for more. .. Life is full of surprises I guess.:) Have great day Sis:)

  3. You are not alone with this feeling. The unexpected has a sneaky way of creeping in and testing our determination and desire to achieve out outcomes. Continuing to point toward our desires and reassessing our plan is the key to success, just as you are doing by allowing yourself more time and not giving up. I wish you all the very best.

  4. As my oldest son once told me, “Mom, it is what it is…now deal with it.” I decided he was right. If I can’t change it I need to deal with it. I try, but it isn’t always easy. Good luck.

  5. I think it’s just ‘life’. Nothing is ever predictable in this life, or always according to plan. If it was, we would all lead quite boring existences.

  6. I stop planning too much. Because at the end of the day I know that God has a better plan for us. I just believe that each situation happens for a reason and it’s up to us how we pick it up. I keep my faith stronger and trust Him with his best plan. I am so sure everything will fall into its place.

  7. Everything will soon look up :). I saw on facebook “a mile a day 30 day challenge” and wanted to do my own version and named it my “3K 30 day challenge”. I started on June 22 and I did well, even doing 4-5 K on some days, even when I was so busy (One time, I went home from a party and ran 3K on the treadmill just to complete my goal). However, I had to go to a wedding on the last week of June and failed to do 2 runs and just this week, when I thought I was back on track, I got sick with the flu! so I have a 30 day planner with blanks on some days, but hey, I can go back to running after I am well, and hopefully, I can finally complete my 30day challenge.

    1. @Marie,
      I hope that you be able to complete your 30 day challenge. I don’t think I be able to go and run daily as I really don’t like running but I’ll try to take the stairs daily to get to our apartment instead of the lift.

  8. I had a hard times but I decided to leave to God. I turned to God and that’s the only way to feel better. I hope you’re doing good and have faith, always! 🙂

  9. You wrote my thoughts on weight loss. I was put on different medication last August. As fall crept into winter, I found my weight creeping up. As spring approached, I was more determined than ever to lose the weight. I changed eating habits around, began walking every evening, (still do when possible), and still, the weight remains. I do know my weakness is sticking to exercise. I am trying a different approach to that also. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and staying off the scale for awhile. It’s like watching a pot of water set to boil. It isn’t helping. So, I’m hoping next time I peek at the scales, the pot will be boiling over. I’m happy to read you have a positive attitude though life has a way of happening whether we’re prepared or not. I liked John’s answer at the top. Good luck.

  10. I relate, as I think most of us would.
    It sounds like normal life to me. We can plan and plan, and hope and dream, yet life has a way of following its own path. There are many bumps in the road of life, and valleys as well. Some are small; some are large.
    God has great plans for our lives. He aims to develop character, not follow our daily wishes. Yet he is the one who put the hopes and dreams in our hearts and minds.

  11. Since I’m self employed I never can feel too secure with income. This recession has been really scary to experience. I can definitely relate!

  12. I hope you get movement soon. I sometimes feel like nothing’s happening and then a whole lot of things fall into place at once and I suddenly realise it wasn’t wasted effort after all – it was just the “building” phase of the plan where you put a lot in without getting anything out. I hope things work out that way for you as well – it’s so frustrating.

  13. I could totally relate sis! We’ll just have to do our best everyday, and thank God for all the blessings that we have. take care!

  14. Oh.


    I can totally relate to this.

    Take a few days off and give yourself permission to grieve all these changes!

    Life gets so complicated that sometimes you just need to take a lot of bubble baths and try and remember to breathe!

    Thanks for linking your feelings.

    I hope that telling is helping the healing.

    In the meantime sending you a big hug and a prayer of peace.


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