Writer’s Workshop: Some Inspiration

Saw this on my facebook feed this week.
Saw this on my facebook feed this week.

I have been seeing a lot of positive messages on my news feed on Facebook this week . This particular one caught my attention and made me sit up while reading it.

It is true that we don’t need so many things in life. Many things that we dream of owning are superfluous. The item that you have is actually  junk which you hoard as you assumed that it was important in your life.

Many a times we are so caught up in the rat race  and wanting more that it causes us to be frustrated. We are sometimes green with envy as we perceive others having more then us. Other people seem to be able to have it all as compared to us.  Good things and wealth comes their way  effortless as compared to the struggles that we have go through.

Having such negative thoughts in one’s mind causes one to feel small. You start to  discount all the achievements that you have  gotten so far and devalue yourself in the process. You start to feel inferior and may even shy away from other people wishing to be distant  instead of the spot light where others may openly mock your inefficiencies and shortcomings.

You sometimes start to feel depressed and/ or paranoid and it seems that the whole world is against you with nothing ever going right for you.

Like the toxins in a viper’s fangs, the negativity has penetrated throughout your body with that single “bite”. Your vision is clouded and you have fallen into the trap of materialism.

If you do not take action and address your state of mind you may lose yourself in a downward spiral of greed and covet things that do not belong to us.

There is no need to have it all..

Make the best of all YOU have.


GOD gives you what you need. Not what you desire and yearn for which doesn’t not give any real value to your life. It is up to you to decide what you want to do with the blessing that you have already received.

There will always be other people that are better or worst of if you want to compare your current status with others. There is no end to comparison and it will certainly not make one a better person if you indulge yourself in such petty behavior.

It is up to YOU to decide what you want to do with the talents and abilities that you already have to live the life that you want.  Be appreciative with what you have given to you and take action to grow and develop yourself as you plan what to do with your remaining time here on this earth.

I strongly believe that it is possible to find solutions to any problems or challenges  which come my way. Even with the limited resources that I have on hand it is still possible to do a good job and complete the tasks that have been given to me.

You just have to take action and DO IT!! Everything is – achievable.  Even though what you do may not meet the so called “standards” of others but knowing that you have taken your best shot and put in effort there is no need to feel bad and have regrets afterwards.

Now at the age of 36 I have come to a stage where the acknowledgement of others and their praises are not that important to me   No doubt it certainly feels good to be  praised and have others appreciate what you are doing but that is not the key driving factor for me anymore.

What I seek the genuine recognition from GOD and my immediate family more then the false praises and artificial attention given by acquaintances. I do not need to have my ego stroked by others and indulge in flattery as such moment of “greatness” are only temporarily and fleeting.

I live my life  based on GOD’s teachings. What is more important is doing what I am expected to do and also making the best of all that I have.

If there is anything which I want to do and I don’t have the relevant skills I will self study or seek out the experts in that field for guidance.

If I want to bake/cook something and I am not able to get it right the first time I would try the same recipe again the following week and tweak it to see where the failure was at the last time.

I’m not perfect and a constant work in progress. I’m sure that many of you reading the post would agree with this statement.  Every new day is a new opportunity to refine myself and polish myself so that I will be “perfect” in the eyes of the LORD.

What is your favourite quote?



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16 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Some Inspiration”

  1. Love this quote and your perspective on it. Do you ever get on pinterest and look for quotes? You can find some amazing quotes there. I have a board dedicated just to sentiments and noteworthy quotes. They provide a lot of inspiration, and even guidance.

    1. @Carol,
      Pinterest is seriously addictive. Yeah there are many lovely quotes on that social media site. I do visit it ocassionally and do have a board for such quotations too 🙂

  2. That’s a great quote! Too often we forget the blessings we have. A good reminder to be thankful and make the most of what we are given and what we have worked for.

  3. I have neither the time nor the money to have it all – as much as I want it all. So yes, I try to make the best of all that I have. The trick is, though, is remembering to that ALL THE TIME! 😉

  4. Lovely and inspiring thoughts, Dominique! One of things I learned lately is that instead of envy, we can be happy for the success of others. This week I have been tagged by a friend to do a 5-day positive thoughts challenge which I already completed.

  5. “I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me.” It literally gives me the courage to do the impossible and to overcome trying situations.

  6. I like that quote too. We always want more when all we need is to make the most out of what we already have. God has so many ways of teaching me that material things and money will perish in a blink of an eye, but not your family, your friends and Him.

  7. ‘… I like your quote very much. There was a time when I too shied away from the people I knew because I felt so little and worthless compared to others achievement. Then again, I now realize my worth and talents… but will always be a work in progress. This quote is a good reminder everytime.

    Have a good day!

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