You and Me Equals US- Love (Part 2)



Love- A complicated feeling that we have that can take on many different meanings. It is a word that is often overused or generalized.

-I Love You (English)

– Saranghae사랑해 (Korean)

–  我爱你(Mandarin)

– 愛しています(Aishitaru)

These are some common expressions of expressing love in the different languages which I come into contact frequently.  A three word sentence which can propel you to the moon and back.

Words that make one feel wanted and cherished. Words that show appreciated for being  who you are and being part of the other person’s life.

We do not live in a vacuum or bubble. That only occurs in a Science Fiction movie. Even though it is almost possible to do virtually everything online, we still need to interact with others in our daily lives. Nobody is an island and we are interdependent on each other for our survival.

We need others for emotional and mental support.   Having them around makes it easier to endure all the obstacles and troubles that we have to go through in life.

In the previous post on romantic love  I shared how it was with R now and how we are both working on understanding each other better. In this post I’ll be sharing my thoughts on friendship and kinship.

With my BFF Winnie

With my BFF Winnie

Blood is Thicker then Water? Is this really the case?

Kinship vs Friendship.  Which one can stand the test of time?

These are some of the questions which have on my mind lately. There is no absolute answer to the above questions as perceptions on  Kinship and Friendship differs from person to person.

Loyalty and betrayal are both present in both types of relationships. It all boils down to the individual character of the person.

A person’s trustworthiness and integrity speaks  volumes and also determines whether you should still have a relationship with him or break all ties.

It is said that only in your time of need will you know who is actually at your side and who was only just making use of you.

I’ve been through a period of timing finding myself and seeking to understand myself and what I seek in a friend and/ or a  kin while noting what is expected of me being a friend and/or a kin.

We hope to reap what we have invested in a relationship however things are not as clear cut when it comes to emotional ties.

Traditionally it is believed that ties from kinship are supposed to run deep and stand the test of time.  The expectations are there higher between family and relatives as compared to friends.

It is commonly assumed  that family would always there for you and it may not be true in certain circumstances and in the  end  they are the ones that hurt you the most.  I have been played out by both friends and family and have since grown wiser in my choices.

I would rather have one loyal friend then to have a den of backbiting relatives who can’t wait to devour you like a pack of hungry wolves.

I personally take quite a while to warm up and make friends. I’m rather introvert by nature and find it awkward being at a party and having to make small talk with strangers.  I’m more of a listener then one who actively speaks out at engagements.

I feel uncomfortable communicating in a big group and rather be out on 1-1 or 1-2 outings.  However if there is a need to do presentations of speak to a big group of people I will do my part.

I believe in being there for my friends and assisting them to the best of my ability and I sincerely hope that they do appreciate my efforts.

I’m blessed to have both good friends and also close relatives which I share my thoughts , worries and dreams with.  I treasure my relationships with them and make effort to keep in constant contact with them so they will always be part of my life and while I am a part of theirs.

What are your thoughts on Friendship
and/or  Kinship? 

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