PhotoReading by Paul R. Scheele


PhotoReading by Paul Scheele

PhotoReading by Paul Scheele

Photoreading by Paul R Scheele  was a real eye opener on how one is able to break away from the norm and engage their subconscious in the learning process.

Scheele book claims that upon learning the PhotoReading Whole Mind System one will be able to read with greater speed, comprehension, and enjoyment as they absorb complete books in minutes.

Sounds too good to be true right? Is that really possible?

I too had these questions running through my mind before I embarked on reading the book. What I have learned upon reading the book and attending the PhotoReading Workshop changed my opinion 180 degrees.

Before I share my thoughts on the system and the book here is a breakdown of the system for you to understand.

There are basically five steps which one needs to follow in this system.

  1. Prepare
  2. Preview
  3. PhotoRead
  4. Postview
  5. Activate

In each step there are certain steps to take note which gets you in the right state of mind to carry out the activities.


At this step  you would need to prepare yourself physically and mentally to start to read. There is a need to set your purpose to why you are reading the book and enter the ideal state for reading.


You look over the book and appraise the value for your purpose.  You determine to go or not go further in reading the book.


You prepare yourself physically and mentally through a series of relaxation technique to get your brainwaves down to the Alpha state.  Affirmation of concentration , impact and purpose are mentioned before entering the PhotoFocus state. During PhotoFocus pages of the books are flipped as one unconsciously absorbs the information presented in the book while maintaining a steady state.

Upon completing the book you would close the process with a sense of mastery by acknowledging your feelings using ARC.


In this step one  surveys the material and pick our trigger words which are used to formulate questions.


In this last step information that has been hidden in our subconscious is finally “called out” for us to process.

There are six steps to activating which are basically the following

– Let it incubate

– Review questions

-Super read and dip

– Skittering

– Create a mind map

– Rapid read.

Each technique has is own benefits and you use them to get the answers to the questions that we have drafted out during the Postview.

My thoughts

I found learning this technique has been really useful for me. I feel more focused and get less distracted each time I settle down to read something. I also find that I can read faster and cut down the time I need to digest various different materials.

I’ll certainly continue to PhotoRead and will be teaching part of the technique to the kids so that it can help improve their memory and retention of information.

Disclaimer: I got a copy of the book when I attended the PhotoReading Workshop here in Singapore in July 2014. All opinions are 100% my own.

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