You and Me Equals Us

Relationships are  connections between people. It maybe due to blood or marriage or emotions that we have for one another.

A bonding that one person has for another which has different meaning for each individual.

Relationships are essential for survival in the world. No man is an island and we do need to interact with different people on different levels every single day.

The type of relationships that you are into affects your moods and your ultimately your outlook of life.

Being in  healthy relationships will give you fuel for maximizing your growth and potential. You feel secure and am confident that your friends or love ones would give you all the support that you need. You would have a positive outlook on live and be motivated to do your best.

If you were in a toxic relationship you would see your energy levels being depleted rapidly. You feel dejected and have a chance to lapse into depression as you are not supported by the ones that you feel are dear to you. You feel that you are being manipulated by others and are engulfed by constant negativity.  Everything look bleak and you feel trapped.

Doggie boy, Tiger girl and Me

Doggie boy, Tiger girl and Me

This month I am starting a new series on the blog entitled

You  & Me = Us

I will be sharing with you my personal experience with the different relationships that I am in as a mother, daughter,  granddaughter, spouse and friend.   The joys and anguish that I have gone through and how I have and am still am working on the relationships that I cherish.

These connections that I have with others and how they shaped my believes and attitude so far will all be jotted down as I bare all.

I will be touching on relationships as a whole and how I am/intend on building a closer relationship with both my kids and spouse  in detail as this series progresses.

Post in this series.

1)  You and Me Equals US ( An Introduction)

2) You and Me- Where Do We Begin?

3)You and Me- Love (Part One)

4) You and Me- Love (Part Two)

5) You and Me- Anger and Frustration

6) You and Me- Talking about GOD

7) You and Me- Let’s Talk about Money

8) You and Me- What Now?