Writer’s Workshop: Quite A Fun 10th Birthday

Last week I posted this picture on my instagram feed. It was of Monkey boy and the presents that he received for his 10th birthday. This year he received not one but two helicopters so both him and Doggie boy will be able to play with the helicopters together.

Tiger girl  too got a present as I felt  it would be unfair if both her brothers received presents while she had none. She received a Hello Kitty  supermarket play set and was thrilled to bits playing with the new toy.

Since everyone was getting a birthday present each and they couldn’t agree on going with Monkey boy’s preference for a tiramisu cake we decided to get  slices of cake instead of a whole cake.

We ended up getting six slices of three different flavours- chocolate,  strawberry and tiramisu.  It wasn’t cheaper this way as the cost of the six slices was equivalent to the cost of a whole cake.  However there was more variety this way and all the kids were satisfied with the choice of cake.

My eldest is now officially a tween and is moving into a new chapter of his life.

How do you celebrate your kid’s birthday?

Do the other kids get presents too?


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