Writer’s Workshop: My Birthday


Picture of me as taken by Tiger girl

Picture of me as taken by Tiger girl

Last year I celebrated my birthday with my girlfriends. We met up for high tea and had a mini celebration. This year I won’t be meeting up with my girlfriends as all of us are really busy handling the kids schedules. With one boy in the morning session and the other in the afternoon session it is impossible to have a 2 hour lunch break where I can meet up with them for lunch.

This year I’ll be spending my special day with the kids as they are having school holidays today and tomorrow due to the PSLE Oral exams.  Celebrations started on Sunday where I had lunch with my cousin,  family and grandmother. Today the kids and I will be going out in the afternoon for a show and tomorrow we will be heading for an indoor playground on a play date. I will have a third celebration with R when he back from his business trip.

A year has passed so quickly and  I’m now a year older. The kids too have grown and there has been changes in our routines. My priorities haven’t changed at much with my focus still on the kids and their development. Workload however has increased  but it is still manageable.  I’ve managed to pursue my own interested in cooking/baking and photography too while busy with the daily routine. Life has been really fulfilling and I have been living it to the max.

Happy 35th Birthday to me 🙂 

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