Super Soccer Boy and the Alien Invasion

Book Cover

Book Cover

Super Soccer Boy and the Alien Invasion by Judy Brown is the latest book in the Super Soccer Boy series which I have read with Doggie boy.

We have read two other books in this series- the Attack of the Giant Slugs and the Monster Mutants and Doggie boy got hooked on this series of books.

In this particular book Harry Gribble encountered aliens of the icy sort who threatened to take over the earth by converting  it to their own home.

The Middletown Mini stars, which Harry was playing for had a good chance of winning the trophy this year in the annual football tournament.

Unfortunately the weather had turned crazy since the aliens arrived. The deep freeze that they have caused have resulted in the matches being cancelled and the possibility of the tournament being suspended. This would be Harry and his team mates greatest nightmare.

Harry and his best friend Jake had to convince the icy aliens who had landed on earth to leave for the planet  Pluto before earth freezes over and everyone dies.

My thoughts

I’ve previously share snippets of the book in the article- 3 Tips on Encouraging Reading in Reluctant Readers. I found that the Super Soccer Boy series books are excellent half chapter books and the book on the Alien Invasion matched up to our expectation.

Judy’s writing is really very engaging and it makes for an easy read for a Grade 2 student. The graphics on almost every page and the short comic snippets in between the chapters make it easier for the child to follow the storyline and also helps them understand the story better.

We will certainly be on the look out for the remaining books in the Super Soccer Boy series.


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