Confessions of a So-called Middle Child

Book Cover

Book Cover

Confessions of a So-called Middle Child by Maria T. Lennon written for kids 8-12 talks about Charlie and her family having to relocate to another town to stay because of her bad record with her former school. The prank which Charlie carried out in her former school gave her a immediate expulsion and as a result she had to see a psychiatrist.

To be released from psychiatric evaluation she has to befriend the school freak and make good with helping her. This was a real challenge for Charlie as she had to show to everyone that she had turned over a new leaf and  make good her pact with her shrink.

Along the way Charlie faced lots of obstacles caused by Trixie, the main bully at her new school. However with the help of her family member and friends she rose up to the task and helped to turn the life around for the school freak, Marta.


My thoughts

This was certainly a Girls’ book which would relate well with pre-teen girls.  The plot was a bit slow going and only into the mid of the book did it start to pick up and get interesting.  I did like reading the snippets label Facts where Charlie shares her inner thoughts with the readers. In all it was quite a fun read however the book did lack some punch and the plot progression could be much faster.

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