Red, Pink and White

Red bloom
Red bloom

I have always loved taking pictures of flowers when ever I go to the park.  I can easily snap more then 500 shots each time I visit the botanic gardens or a flower exhibition.  Seeing lovely bright colored flowers always perks up my day.  I love seeing the contrasting colors of the flower petals and how they brighten up the environment.

Pink Bloom
Pink bloom

Flowers are also my favourite subject for macro photography.  You be surprised what you can see when you look up close to the flower under a macro lens. On several occasions I have seen bees on the flowers pollinating it.


White bloom
White Bloom

This is a rather unique white bloom which I spotted.  It has really unusual tassel like extensions among the petals.

Have you been looking at flowers too?

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26 thoughts on “Red, Pink and White”

  1. These are gorgeous flowers. I have my roses somewhat blooming, and then there is this little yellow wildflower that we get with the summer rains. They have a heady fragrance that just rings the alarms because I know it’s time to have a sinus attack. I am so allergic to these suckers, even though they are pretty.

  2. I think everyone appreciates flowers. I tend to get my kids involved when looking at flowers, smelling them and on occassion picking them at our backyard.

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