Writer’s workshop: Need For Refocusing

White Bloom

White bloom

I’ve always been interested in taking photographs of flora. Each time we go to the park. I try to snap pictures of the flowers that I see.  Unfortunately on most occasions I do not have my DSLR  with me and I have to make do with my HTC phone camera.

A few weeks ago we brought the kids to have a spin on the Go Kart at West Coast Park. While riding around in the park I saw a few tropical blooms. Using the filter- depth of field  on my hand phone I snapped the above shot.  I was focusing on the center of the flower and the filter helped to blur out the surrounding only living what I was focusing on clear.


Sometimes I feel that one needs to temporary blur out the surroundings to be able to refocus. I find that this approach has been serving me well. Very often our vision can get clouded on the way and it can be difficult to keep our aim on our focus. To be able to trudge one one has to sometimes to take time out to refocus to ensure that what we are working for is still our aim.


How do you refocus?


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