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Purple Bloom

Purple Bloom

The internet has certainly revolutionize our world since it was rapidly developed in the 1980s-1990s.  I remember back in the old days I was mainly on the internet to check my e-mails, research for material needs in writing assignments and chat via ICQ to R.  The first e-mail account I had back then was on Hotmail which I do occasionally use now and then and started my first blog on blogger. Things and the way internet is being used has certainly changed dramatically since then.

It has been a fun and exciting adventure being on the internet. There were so many sites which I could check out and lots to learn about. Problogger and Simplemom were among the sites which I used to visit frequently. Back then I found their sites very informative and it sparked off my interest in creating my own space here in cyberspace.

As I went about deciding on how to create my space. I consulted sites like Hongkiat and Noupe for design inspiration and help with the more technical aspects of blogging. I still visit these sites whenever I need some creative inspiration and they do have gems of information in their blogs.

These days  I read more posts from other mommy bloggers from SMB and also a wider variety of sites/blogs to fuel my passions in food and photography.

How was it for you when you were first introduced to the internet?

What sites did you frequent most?


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