Writer’s Workshop- Xtra’s I would have Done

Photo by Photoxpress.com
Photo by Photoxpress.com

Blogging and Social Media has been evolving rapidly these past few years.  Digital media is all the rage these days as more traditional sources take a back seat to platform of promotion. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram accounts are  a must have if you want to actively promote yourself across  the most highly traffic sites.  Besides having accounts at these sites you still need to make sure that you connect  with others via Google + and  Linked In and be active forum and groups.

It really is a tall order with a lot to be done to ensure that you reach out to all your potential readers out there. It can be quite cumbersome and time consuming however if you have set up your “system” right with all the latest automated posting and pings if can be a breeze.

If I only knew how to syndicate my content earlier on it would certainly help me progress faster in developing my brand awareness  in the blog sphere. I could have save all the hours I spent learning the ropes from scratch.  I would have set up my social media accounts together with this blog to maximize the growth of Dominique’s Desk.

I would have been more aggressive in cross promotions and building up my subscriber/ reader base. It would have certainly allowed me to build up my community faster and give me a better edge then I presently have.

What would you have done if you knew what you know now about blogging and social media?

Would it helped you carve your niche in blogging faster?


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22 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop- Xtra’s I would have Done”

  1. Hi Dominique, i am not very good in following computer instructions, so i limit my presence to just FB and blog, i have G+ but haven’t always seen it. Anyway, i guess i only have a few hours to blog, comment, and return comments, so more than that i might not be able to handle. Thanks for visiting.

  2. I havent tried browsing at Sulit but i heard about this marketplace. Good thing, you check the keyboard before getting it or else you will just waste your money. Next time, be careful na lang sis:)

  3. Sorry sis, i have publish a wrong comment (first one) Anyway, i also linked my social media accounts to all of my blogs and i syndicate it all of my postings to my social media network. It also helps drive traffic to my site.

  4. before i am hesitant but having linked it with other social media really made a difference.. how i wish i knew it earlier..

  5. I believe I still have not fully utilized all my social media accounts. I just choose the articles to share in those and I don’t spend that much time in FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and what-have-you’s. I still have a lot to learn. Right now, I just strive to try and make quality articles and to be diligent in writing…at least one post week…still building up the writing habit. 🙂

  6. I’m not actively involved in LinkedIn or Google + yet. Writing a daily blog as well as belonging to a critique group and novel writing keeps me fully occupied. I haven’t worked out how to get any program to do the work for me.

  7. I would have found the correct course/mentor in the beginning – big – big learning curve, frustration heart ache and skint disease in learning LOL

  8. Nothing different ~ can only take it a step at a time and some of the social media I don’t need ~ Only so much time in the day ~

    Great post for X ~ ^_^

  9. I am not business savvy in my blog so I probably would have just done things the same. 🙂

    This is a good post! Happy Thursday to you.

  10. I’m still kind of finding my way even though I have been blogging a long time. I am pretty sure no one really wants to keep up with me as much as they might with someone more eXciting!!!

    hah! little “x” humor thrown in for good measure…

  11. Very thought provoking question, it requires some time to judge how I feel. I don’t think I could do anymore than I already have. It requires time to do this, and learning is part of what it takes. No one cares more about your own than you, so having said that, I could have paid for someone to do all the leg work for me, but it would not be the same.

  12. I have accounts with all those mentioned above but have yet to actively utilise g+ and linked in. I suppose I should start working on those ones though I have yet to work out how to my advantage.

  13. There is so much to learn. I have been blogging for a few years and it seems like every time I figure something out, there’s something new to learn. It is very hard to make time for every aspect of blogging and social media. This is a great post!

  14. It seems like there’s still something I need to do to reach more readers out there and I haven’t put my finger on it yet. Do you think Linked In is a must?

    1. @Ceemee,
      Linkin does help if you want to put your porfolio out there for potential employers to see. There are also groups which can be quite useful to join on linked in. It’s up to you but it does help to build your blogging porfolio.

  15. A nice post, Dominique ~~ They didn’t have much social media back when I started blogging. No Facebook, Pinterest, or the like back then. Nor did they have automated posting although they did have a subscribing feature. We did have

    Now my number one blog, Jim’s Little Blog, is automatically posted to my Facebook whenever I post. This is done by NetworkedBlogs. My other active blog, Jim’s LIttle Photo and Poem Place, also belongs to the Network but it doesn’t get posted on FB automatically. I would like it to be but I don’t know what to do about the situtation.

    1. @Jim,
      maybe you can try other aggregators like RSS Graffiti or relook the networkblog settings via Facebook and Test publish from the other blogs. They should be publishing automatically like your main blog. I’ve tried publishing more then 1 blog via networkblogs and it did work.

  16. Very interesting post.

    I think I might have done a few things differently but not much and because I like going at my own pace, I do not think I’d be much farther than I am today. Weird huh?

    Happy weekend!

  17. Hi!


    This is quite informative.

    I’m not really ANTI social media…I think I’m just lazy.

    A year or so ago when I blogged a lot I was approached to get more exposure using SM.

    I don’t regret NOT doing it. I just regret that I’ve gotten so lazy with blogging.

    I think if you are energetic there are awesome ways to get a bigger readership.

    Thanks for this xcellent link to the letter “X”.


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