Writer’s Workshop- Xtra’s I would have Done

Photo by Photoxpress.com

Photo by Photoxpress.com

Blogging and Social Media has been evolving rapidly these past few years.  Digital media is all the rage these days as more traditional sources take a back seat to platform of promotion. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram accounts are  a must have if you want to actively promote yourself across  the most highly traffic sites.  Besides having accounts at these sites you still need to make sure that you connect  with others via Google + and  Linked In and be active forum and groups.

It really is a tall order with a lot to be done to ensure that you reach out to all your potential readers out there. It can be quite cumbersome and time consuming however if you have set up your “system” right with all the latest automated posting and pings if can be a breeze.

If I only knew how to syndicate my content earlier on it would certainly help me progress faster in developing my brand awareness  in the blog sphere. I could have save all the hours I spent learning the ropes from scratch.  I would have set up my social media accounts together with this blog to maximize the growth of Dominique’s Desk.

I would have been more aggressive in cross promotions and building up my subscriber/ reader base. It would have certainly allowed me to build up my community faster and give me a better edge then I presently have.

What would you have done if you knew what you know now about blogging and social media?

Would it helped you carve your niche in blogging faster?


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