Writer’s Workshop- Dear Kids

A quotation from my FB stream

A quotation from my FB stream


Dear Kids, ( Monkey boy, Doggie boy and Tiger girl)

I haven’t written you letters on this blog in a while.   I had been busy  seeing that everything  was running smoothly in our household. Now that it’s the holidays I have a bit more time to sit down, reflect and write.

I’m sharing with you the quote above in the picture with you  to let you know that  you should never under estimate  You won’t know unless you try. Many things are new to you at this age  and may be hard for you to understand at the moment.

Your fear of the unknown is very valid.  It will take time for you to overcome them.  It is a lifelong process to be able to understand and learn how to let go.

It is never just about what you can do as a person.  As a human what we can do is limited. However when we do surrender and commit to GOD we are given the opportunity to move mountains.

Nothing is impossible if we do what GOD wants us to do.

You may not agree or see the logic behind his ways but trust me it is for the best.

GOD certainly knows what is best for us and he is one to keep his promises.  He loves you  will grant you your wishes and bestow on your blessings.

I was your age once and know how  torturous it is to wait for something to happen. Even a minute seems like eternity to you.

Let me share with you it is certainly worth the wait. You will be able to fully enjoy receiving what you were yearning for when you get it.

Delaying gratitude serves as training for you to be discipline and give you something to look forward to.

Although it may seem to be difficult at times  and you do feel like giving up I’m telling you don’t.

Your hard work will pay off in the end.



Jenny Matlock

Mama’s Losin’ It