Writer’s Workshop: 15 Ways to Be Awesome

Doggie boy and me


There are many ways that you can be awesome as a parent. By being a parent you are already taking on an additional job which has no off days and compounding responsibilities.

Here are 15 ways which show that you are awesome.

  1. You are able to balance a 14kg toddler in your hands without any carrier or support devices while holding on to the elder two boys at the same time.
  2. You have been surviving on 4 hrs of sleep each night and countless interruptions/disruptions through the day for the past 10 years.
  3. You allow yourself to listen to the same CD over and over again  in the car as the kids love it. ( Luckily their choice  of CD is the latest album by Super Junior and it’s still bearable as compared to hearing nursery rhymes)
  4. You let your kids choose what to watch on TV even though you are dying to watch the new episode of CSI or the latest Korean drama.
  5. You can cook a  5 course meal in an hour (including food preparation) while monitoring the kids doing their homework at the same time.
  6. You  able  sense if the kids are misbehaving or up to mischief and take action when it suddenly gets all too quiet around the house.
  7. You are able to transfer a sleeping child from your bed to her bed without waking her up.
  8. You can get all the kids fed and dress within an hour (including yourself) so that you can go out of the house on time.
  9. You force yourself to get out of bed when the alarm clock rings every morning as you want to ensure that you kid wakes up and gets ready for school on time.
  10. You take note of all the little details and try your best to make each day special for your love ones.
  11. You are able to concentrate on driving even though the baby is screaming her lungs off and the two brothers are fighting with each other in the back seat.
  12. You place everyone’s favorite foods in the supermarket trolley first together with the essentials before contemplating of adding treats for yourself.
  13. You willingly share your food with the kids and go hungry as your child shows more interest in eating what’s on your plate then his.
  14. You set aside time each day just to play and have fun with the kids.
  15. Need for Speed Most Wanted and Angry Bird Space are among the games that you play as that is what the kids are playing.


How are you Awesome as a Parent?

Do your kids agree with you being awesome?

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