Weekend Reflections: How do you Prune your Kids?

Pink bloom

Pink bloom

Kids, Love them hate them we are responsible for giving them the best and guiding them during their childhood. Like taking care of a potted plan it is not an easy task to undertake.

It takes a really experienced gardener to know the type of soil and method of pruning which is needed for the plant to reach it’s optimal beauty. Taking care and pruning the child as he/she grows is really not as easy. There are simply too many changing internal and external factors to consider and it certainly can be mind boggling.

It is really by trial and error that we as parents learn what type of “soil  and fertilizers” are suitable for our kids. The type of pruning shears  that we use also affects the ability to gain independence and acquire the necessary skills to survive in life.

We want to protect them while at the same time give them the opportunity to make their own mistakes and gain experience. It is ideal that the kids learn at their own pace however sometimes circumstances or the environment that we are in do not permit it. Sometimes the kids do need the extra prodding to stretch them and to make sure that they reach their potential. It can be a real dilemma.

How do you prune your kids?


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