Weekend Reflections: Being Observant

Fish in motion

Fish in motion

Like a fish swimming in the water, every single movement will help to propel you forward

 ~Dominique Goh

Being at the S.E.A. Aquarium last weekend really got me looking a lot at fishes. It is interesting to see them swimming around in the tank. A simple swish of the tail and the fish glides around in the water. Moving higher or lower or even changing it’s direction.

Every action that it makes results in an immediate reaction. Looking at the fish made me think about the importance of being observant. To be able to sense the changes around us would certainly be to our benefit.  If we know what is happening around us it will certainly make us better equipped to deal with situation at hand.  It will pre- empt us on the actions we need to take to excel or avoid eminent dangers.  It helps us keep ahead of the pack and be in sync with our needs and the needs of our love ones.

We need to teach our kids how to be alert and read into the the signals that are given out by their surroundings. Show them how to be alert and build up their reflexes so that they will be able to survive in this world. It’s not an easy task but something which I have to do to help nurture them.

What has been on your mind this weekend?

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