Self-Made: Generate Your Wealth Like a Millionaire!

Book Cover

Book Cover

Self-Made: Generate Your Wealth Like a Millionaire!by Brian Koslow and Meryl Koslow is a 3 section book which will change your mindset on how wealth is generated.

The the book the authors talk about.

1. Credibility

How fast your establish your credibility and authority will determine whether you be able to make it in life. 3 seconds is all the time that you need for others to create an impression about you.  It is to your benefit if you are able to create a favorable/good impression within that 3 seconds.

Credibility is a powerful personal asset and will help you accelerate your level of success throughout your lifetime.  It is something which you can build up and help establish your status in life.

2. Changing your Beliefs

It is what you belief that gives you the drive to carry on and try to do your best. If one is able to orientate their beliefs towards success there is a higher chance that you will be successful.

3. Removing doubts

Doubts can be major stumbling blocks for one if you do have negative thoughts and doubts. By replacing the negativity with positivity you are halfway on your way to success.

4. Taking action and being proactive

Nothing will happen unless you take action. To constantly strive to improve yourself would one be able to reach their potential.

5. Affirm yourself so that you will be able to handle rejection

One is bound to get rejections in life. It can be an awful feeling to be rejected and your feel like a failure. However if you allow yourself to dwell in such negative thoughts it will be hard for you to move on and get to where you want in life. By affirming yourself you not only remove these negative feelings/thoughts it will also give you the energy boost that you need to carry on.

6. Focus and have a grand vision.


When one is able to focus it will be easier to follow through with the vision that had been created.

7. Create mutually advantageous business relationships.

It takes a team for a business to run smoothly. You will need to develop your relationships with others and have a great network to be able to succeed in business.

My thoughts

I like the checklists and exercises at the end of each chapter to access how far along one is to becoming a millionaire. May opportunities are self made and one has to be able to identify the weaknesses in one’s character or approach to be able to be better prepared in pitching yourself or getting yourself business prospects.

Even though I am not at the stage of moving out and looking for business partners/prospects at this time but the positive mindset which it evokes together with taking action is something which I agree with.

It is certainly a book worth looking at if you are desiring to become self-made.


Grab your copy of Self-Made: Generate Your Wealth Like a Millionaire!. Reading it will certainly change your mindset.


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