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Monkey boy washing his hands

Monkey boy washing his hands

Sung to the tune of “Are you Sleeping”

Tops and Bottoms, Tops and Bottoms (Rub tops and bottoms of hands)
In between, in between (rub fingers inside on both hands)
All around your hands, all around your hands
Makes them clean, makes them clean

Do your kids know how to wash their hands properly? Do they follow a routine? My kids now wash their hands to the tune of the above hand washing song. It’s fun and easy and your kids too can enjoy themselves while they get a through cleanse of their hands through hand washing.

Washing your hands with antibacterial soap before meals and after an outing is a must to ensure that the harmful bacterial which one may have picked up is removed from your hands.  The little hands touch anything and everything and sometimes even end up in their mouth resulting in them falling ill.

Here are the  six steps which Monkey boy uses to wash his hands

Monkey boy washing his hands

Monkey boy washing his hands

He squeezes a bit of Lifebuoy Color Changing Soap onto the palm of his hand.  The soap gradually changes colour as he rubs the soap across his hand. It turns from a colourless gel to a lime green.   Singing the tune for his younger siblings to listen to as he goes along, he ensures that  the soap is spread on the  top of his hand , bottom and in between his fingers.

Once the soap has changed colour, it is an indication that he has used it for at least 10 seconds. This signals  that  99.9% of  bacteria that had accumulated on his hand have been killed and that it’s time to wash off the soap.

Monkey boy washing off the soap

Monkey boy washing off the soap

To ensure that his hand is properly cleansed he has to make sure that all the soap is properly rinsed off he sings the ditty again  It only takes 10 seconds  to keep your hands germ free.

Are your kids washing their hands too?

Lifebouy Color Change  Hand Soap

Lifebuoy Color Change Hand Soap



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