Writer’s Workshop: Zipping Around this May

Pink blooms

Pink blooms

May is certainly a very busy month for me. A lot of new blogging campaigns have come in this month and the kids are having their examinations this month. Even though I do have a monthly target and yearly goals I’ve decided to create a May Bucket List to push myself further this month.

I feel that it is important that we move beyond our  comfort zone and challenge ourselves to reach higher heights. Even though nearly half of May is over I still there are things which I can do in the remaining 2 weeks of May.

1. Learn how to use a new animation software ~ Manga Studio 5.0

2. Bake at least twice a week so that I can use up all the Whipped cream in the fridge.

3. Climb the stairs daily or twice daily if possible. Am very stagnant in my weight lost attempt and I know it has to do with the fact that I am not moving about enough for the past few months.

4. Finish all the new books that I have for review before taking on any new books.

5. Schedule and plan for play dates for the kids in the upcoming June holidays. They are having 1 whole month of holidays!!

Do you have a  May Bucket List?

What is on that list?



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