10 Reasons Why Mums have Superhero Powers

I'm a supermom
Being a Mom does make one develop powers that are extraordinary. Many times we find that we are able to do stuff which we never though was possible. It is really amazing how our ability to learn things or do stuff within minutes magnifies once the kids are born.

Here is a list of items which I never though would be possible prior to being a mother.

  1. 3 course meal

    3 course meal

    I’m able to cook a 3 course mealΒ  with desserts/cakes all within one hour by maxing out all the kitchen appliance in the kitchen and have the laundry run by itself.

  2. I know how to segregate my thinking and run more then one train of thought through it simultaneously. It comes with having the kids differentiated activities at the same time – English, Maths and piano practice. I’ve learned how to zoom in an micro focus so all three get equal attention.
  3. I know what the kids are doing even though they deliberately close the door to their room. Mum’s have x-ray vision and a heightened six sense.
  4. I am able to single out my kids cries in a crowd and can differentiate between which one is needing my immediate attention.
  5. I am able to make things magically appear even though they have spent the last 2 hours combing the whole house looking for the missing toy. Mom’s have a knack for knowing where every little thing is in the house.
  6. Be on tab with the 3 kids schedules, appointments, my own work schedule and R’s flying schedule while juggling all the daily activities.
  7. Tiger girl being clingy

    Tiger girl being clingy

    Know when to be “soft” or “hard ” with the kids so that they do not take advantage of others and learn to be independent.

  8. Work from Dawn to Dusk so that everybody in the family gets attended to and not forget to have ME time for myself in the process.
  9. Read books on cooking and baking which I never though I would ever do as I didn’t even learned to cook before the kids were born.
  10. Decide to give up working in the corporate world so that I can fully concentrate on the family.

What superpowers do you have as a mom?

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