Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Love Birthdays

Kids in party hats

My kids love attending birthday parties. It is so much fun for them to be able to meet up with their friends,play games and have tons of fun.

Here is a list why they will happily go to a birthday party ( and why I don’t think I will hold one for them as it  is seriously too much work)

#1- You get to wear party hats.
Not only the birthday boy/girl but all the invited guests.

Decorating Cookies

#2- You get to try out fun activities.
The boys got to do cookie decoration  at one of the birthday party they attended this year.

#3 You get to watch shows.

Sometimes there is a magician which will perform tricks or even balloon sculptures which were make balloons into any shape which you want.

#4 you get to run around and eat all the sinful foods.
Mot of the food is catered at parties so the kids help themselves to the heaps of sweets/candies and fried stuff on offer.

#5 You get a goodie bag

Most of the time is filled with small toys and/or sweets which mummy doesn’t approve off. If we are lucky she lets us eat some but most of the time it does mysteriously vanish by the time we get home.

Great Grandma's Birthday

#6- You get to hang out with the whole family.
All four generations of them sometime like when we were celebrating great grandma’s 86th birthday last month.


#5- You get to eat cake.

Lots of it in fact. While choosing the birthday cake for grandma this year the boys decided to get an assortment of cake instead of one big cake. This way everyone gets to eat their favourite flavour and type of cake.

blowing the candle

#7- You get to blow out the candle even though it is not your birthday.

This is especially true if you are celebrating an adults birthday as they will happily relight the candles for you to blow them out.

#8- You get a treat and maybe a present too.

Great grandparents are great. The boys get red packets when she celebrates her birthday.  Sometimes to prevent the other non birthday child from being jealous  they are also given birthday present too.

#9- You get to eat out at a fancy restaurant

We do not bring the kids out to eat in fancy restaurants on special occasions only. A birthday is certainly on of those occasions

#10- You get to go on holiday.

We have been celebrating the kids 1st birthday overseas. What better way to experience a birthday then with friends and family especially the extended family who lives in Hong Kong.

Do your kids love birthdays too?

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