Making Time and Secret Garden Music Moves Me

making time

Photo taken with  Canon 650D and edited in Picasa

Many a time we hear or give the reason that there is simply not enough time or there is too many things to be done. You want to spend time with your family but at the same time yearn for some Me time and chance to socialize with your friends.  You feel like your hands are tied and maybe frustrated that you my have to trade up one for the other. This doesn’t need to be the case.

I strongly feel that there will be sufficient time to do whatever things we desire as long as we know how to plan and prioritize.  No doubt we may be limited by our finances or resources at the moment but I still feel that it is possible to maximize the moment.  You only need to take action and remove all the time wasting activities that you have sucking up the seconds and hours each day.

Deleting and removing time wasters and non -effective methods of handling situations does wonders for adding back the precious seconds and minutes into your day. I have been doing that for the past year and cut off a lot of unnecessary items/people from my circle and daily routine.

I believe that you will NEVER have enough time unless you consciously make an effort to MAKE time. What better time then NOW to make the changes.

How are you going to MAKE Time?


PhotobucketThis week’s theme is a freebie and I am sharing one of the songs in the Korean Drama series- Secret Garden which is currently showing on the television.