10 reasons why 3 kids are enough for now.


I always wanted a big family. Before I was married I wanted 6 kids.  However as I’ve aged and after becoming a mother after the birth of our 1st child I’ve decided the 3 is the maximum that I can handle for now.

Here is a list of 10 reasons which 3 kids are enough for now.

  1. It has been very tiring taking care of a super active girl and her two older brothers( 4 and 7yrs old) solo. I don’t think I have extra energy for another kid.
  2. 3 car seats is the maximum number that we can fit in our car… no more.
  3. We have one girl and two boys and I don’t want another boy to add to the family dynamics.
  4. It’s expensive to have another kid. Everything has to be quadruple!!
  5. I don’t want to neglect any of the kids with them growing up at different rates.
  6.  I want to reclaim my freedom sooner and get back my uninterrupted sleep at night. As if my 14 mth old still rooms in with us as she wakes up 3-4 times nightly!!
  7. It’s difficult enough going shopping for groceries with three..what then four!!
  8. I want each kid to get the best from me and do not want our finances to be extremely strained because of another kid.
  9. R always wanted a girl and now that we have Tiger girl his wish is fulfilled.
  10.  A family of FIVE sounds much better then a family of six or more.

 Top Ten {Tuesday}