Weekend Reflections:Healthy Eating

Photo by Photoxpress.com
Photo by Photoxpress.com

This week I have been hearing  and reading about the different toxins in foods and “so called” healthy food which in fact was not really healthy.   I read an article which stated that TOFU is not good and other Soy products that have not been fermented may cause breast cancer and brain shrinkage among other things.  I also read up on fake oils, butter vs margarine and other processed foods.

It got me thinking about what types of food should I be serving the kids and to moderate out their intake of Soy.  The kids really love eating TOFU and do occasionally indulge in chicken nuggets and other processed foods.  We do eat out very often  but I cook their meals for them during the weekdays.  We have also been limiting their intake of junk food and visits to fast food restaurants during the weekends.

Recently I have received quite a few cook books and  have been doing more meal planning as I’m introducing new dishes to the kids. So far I am  doing a new bake and a new dish every month and trying to add in more whole foods to our diet.  I’m slowly introducing the kids to the various different cuisines that is available here in Singapore. I’m also looking for more efficient ways of healthy cooking so that the kids and I get all the proper nutrition which we need.

Are you into Healthy Eating too?
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20 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections:Healthy Eating”

  1. Sometimes it’s scary how something you thought was healthy turns out to be potentially toxic. Ugh. Your kids are lucky you get to prepare their meals for them regularly.

  2. Super guilty of not eating right. Even if my job forces me to cook, I don’t get to eat the right food! plus Hawkers here in SG are all fattening=(

  3. honestly, i am not into heath eating but i’m trying. We are used to that whatever meal is presented on the table you should eat it. (In short, bawal an maarte) That includes processed food, repeating viands from lunch to dinner and other stuff. That’s why whenever I have time to make my own food or buy my own, I make it a point that it’s healthy.

  4. We’re vegan which doesn’t necessarily mean a healthy diet. We do try, though, to avoid any processed foods and eat homemade, whole foods. We are avid label readers and avoid anything with high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils … both really bad for us. We also try to only buy foods with 5 or less ingredients … that pretty much ensures that the food isn’t going to be full of “weird” stuff. I congratulate you on making the effort to learn about healthy food and apply those lessons to your life … you and your kids will definitely be healthier for it! 🙂

  5. Woah, really? That is scary. This reminds us not to take food for granted and that we must always do research. After all, information is king!

  6. I’m also trying to eat healthy but sadly I always fail and give in to bad eating habits.

    It’s so scary about what they say about this and that food are bad. I don’t know what to eat anymore. Is it better to watch what you eat or just eat anything because you don’t know everything might be bad after all? I’m confused. ^^;

  7. We just had tofu cakes for dinner:( As for margarine, i really avoid it because it is full of bad fat and cholesterol.Mas ok ang butter but still in moderation.

  8. You know what, you got me thinking and reflecting now that I haven’t been pretty much eating healthy food lately. I feel guilty each time. THough I do eat brown rice now instead of rice and prepare fish and chicken to the kids and give them fruits and vegetables too. But like you,we eat out on weekends and also eat processed food every now and then. I need to be more conscious about what we eat really.

  9. Sometimes, it’s very hard to decide what would we believe in as so many information are misleading. Some of my readings also said that TOFU is good and the best source of protein and having so many health benefits, too. How about sya milk in powder form Sis? Is it safe?

    1. The articles that I read said that only fermented soy like soya sauce, tempeh and miso are safe for consumption. Other forms like powdered, soymilk, fried tofu, boiled etc are not that desirable. Will be seeing how to limit the kids consumption of tofu. Maybe will make more miso based soups/noodles for them.

  10. Yes – we are very into healthy eating. I make everything from scratch and most meals are heavily based around a large variety of vegetables. I let the kids help me and they like to count the different colours on their plate (the more colours of the rainbow, the better:)
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts,

  11. I think it’s very easy to use scare tactics to sell things, so always try to check scientific facts before you make a decision. For example, the word toxin is thrown around all of the time, but it is a very specific protein like snake venom or botox. It can’t just be floating around in the air, like they want you to believe.

  12. My elder boy likes the unhealthy food 🙁 Good thing he rejects hamburger because his health education teacher taught the class the bad thing about hamburger

    Gosh, I drinks a lot of soy and also give soya products to my younger boy who is allergic to dairy

  13. It always surprises me when I read that a healthy food is no longer that… I guess we have to be careful… We eat organic a lot at home. 😉

  14. I also read about tofu doing havoc on one’s hormones, too. I love tofu. I have a friend who is on healthy eating and it is in his list of prohibited foods. Also , egg, dairy, peanut, sugar and wheat.

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