Weekend Reflections:Healthy Eating

Photo by Photoxpress.com

Photo by Photoxpress.com

This week I have been hearing  and reading about the different toxins in foods and “so called” healthy food which in fact was not really healthy.   I read an article which stated that TOFU is not good and other Soy products that have not been fermented may cause breast cancer and brain shrinkage among other things.  I also read up on fake oils, butter vs margarine and other processed foods.

It got me thinking about what types of food should I be serving the kids and to moderate out their intake of Soy.  The kids really love eating TOFU and do occasionally indulge in chicken nuggets and other processed foods.  We do eat out very often  but I cook their meals for them during the weekdays.  We have also been limiting their intake of junk food and visits to fast food restaurants during the weekends.

Recently I have received quite a few cook books and  have been doing more meal planning as I’m introducing new dishes to the kids. So far I am  doing a new bake and a new dish every month and trying to add in more whole foods to our diet.  I’m slowly introducing the kids to the various different cuisines that is available here in Singapore. I’m also looking for more efficient ways of healthy cooking so that the kids and I get all the proper nutrition which we need.

Are you into Healthy Eating too?
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