Weekend Reflections- Food Cravings


Food. What do you crave to eat at the moment?

The boys have been having it good these few weeks as most of their cravings had been satisfied.

Ryan has been craving for pizza this week. With him being home with red eye and missing out  on school and swimming lessons I relented when he asked if we could order pizza. We had pizza delivery twice this week. He we extremely happy when the pizza delivery boy arrived at our house. He rushed to pay for the pizza and brought the food to the dining table.  Ryan normally eats quite slowly but when it comes to pizza ( his favourite) he can finish two slices within twenty minutes instead of taking  thirty to forty minutes.

Talk about eating the food you like. It really makes an impact to the speed the food is consumed.

This is Roy’s current crave – Mango Pudding.  We normally order this dessert for him when we have our meals at a Chinese restaurant. For those who haven’t  tried this dessert before it is mango jelly with bits of mango fruit inside. Carnation milk is normally poured over it  to make it taste better.

My taste buds have changed a lot since I was pregnant with Riona. Many things which I used to enjoy eating no longer interest me.  I use to like snacking on potato chips and ice-cream but strangely I’m not into  junk food nowadays.

Photo by photoexpress

Low Fat Milk, yoghurt and  fruits are what I go for these days. Eating this way is definitely more healthy and will help me in my weight lost regime.

What have you been craving for lately?