Weekend Reflections: Learning about Precision

R teaching Doggie boy how to play  Snooker

R teaching Doggie boy how to play Snooker

A few weekends back while out at Pasir Ris Park the boys came across this snooker table in a restaurant and bugged their dad to let them have a round.  It cost $2 for a round of snooker so R obliged them. The boys eagerly slotted in the coins and released the clasp for the balls to drop. Taking them out of the socket they happily  set them up before starting the game.

It was the 3rd time that Monkey boy  is playing snooker and it was Doggie boy’s first. R gave the boys some pointers on how to play the game properly. They were taught the correct position to place their hands and how to pot in the shots.

It isn’t an easy game for kids however if they are able to master it , it will certainly be more enjoyable for them and we can play the game together as a family.

It takes a lot of precision and carefully planning to land a shot into one of the pockets.  One needs to properly study the placements of the balls on the table before executing his/her shot in the hope of landing the targeted ball in the pocket.

Playing snooker is  a great way to teach the kids about calculated risks and analysis. It shows then first hand the results of the executed moves. Was the move a good or bad decision? Did it get the desired results?

Hopefully in a few years time the kids will be able to play well enough to have a game with us.

Do you teach your kids how to play snooker too?

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