Weekend Reflections: Growing Up and Moving On

Doggie boy in his new uniform

Doggie boy in his new uniform

This week marks a new milestone in Doggie boy’s academic life. He is formally in elementary school now since the new term has just started. My little boy is now in a “big boy” school and is no longer a pre-schooler .  He now has to be more independent and learn to tackle problems on his own.  Lesson time is longer and he  gets to handle money to purchase his own food during recess.

Doggie boy has been really excited and is looking forward to going to school everyday. It’s great that he is so enthusiastic about school and open to making new friends and embracing all the changes that he is going through. It is still orientation this week and lessons proper will only start the following Monday.

Doggie boy doesn’t know what will be expected of him as yet however I’m sure that he will be able to handle whatever challenges come his way. We will always be there to support him and give him the guidance he needs.  All the best in Primary 1 dear.

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